1 Min Chocolate Mug Cake - Eggless

January 7, 2015

Author Notes:

Chocolate mug cake made in microwave in just a minute


Serves: 1


  • 2 tbsp - Refined flour /maida 1.5 tsp - Unsweetened coco powder. 1.5 tsp - Sugar 1/4 tsp - Baking powder Pinch of - Salt 2 tsp - Chocolate chips (optional ) 1 tsp - Crushed walnuts 1 tbsp - Fruit jam 2 tbsp - Milk 1 tbsp - Cooking oil
In This Recipe


  1. Take a microwave safe mug. Add flour,sugar,coco powder,salt and baking powder. Mix well and add choco chips and walnuts and mix. Now add milk, jam and oil. Stir to mix properly. Now keep the mug in the microwave. Cook on micro high for 1 minute 10 seconds. Wait for 2 minutes. Now remove from microwave and ENJOY

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