Dehydrated Super-Charged Orange Slices

January 12, 2015
Author Notes

’m thinking ahead to the upcoming winter months. It’s amazing how many people get sick with colds, and coughs and the like. I’m being even more pro-active than usual and I’m stockpiling things that will help us stay strong and healthy. When the change of weather hits, the body weakens and our immune system lowers, opening us up to all kinds of germs and sicknesses.
Everyone knows that vitamin C is great for colds. I’m taking oranges which are naturally loaded with vitamin C and infusing them with American Ginseng. My intention was to use these dried slices for teas, but I have to say, I’ve been snacking on them straight out of the jar because they are so crisp and tangy; they are great for a quick pick-me-up.

  • Makes a big jar
  • oranges, peel-on
  • powdered ginseng
In This Recipe
  1. Wash and dry your oranges. Then slice them thinly (leave the peel on), sprinkle them with American Ginseng and put them in the dehydrator. Mine took 10 hours at 135 degrees.

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