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Kattimerka (Crepes) – A Cypriot Tradition

March 18, 2015
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  • Serves 6
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Simpler? These are crepes traditionally made by Cypriots; olive oil (of course) and sugar, served either plain or with honey. —Athena Constantinou

What You'll Need
  • 1000 grams of pure village flour (or strong flour)
  • 500 milliliters of pure olive oil
  • 1 cup of honey
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • sugar – to sprinkle
  1. For starters, it is good to know that your kitchen will become incredibly messy, the smells will be strong (but I love them) and that you will need around 2- 2,5 hours in the kitchen.
  2. Every kattimeri needs about 5-6 minutes to cook.
  3. In a big bowl pour your flour and salt.
  4. Pour the oil slowly- slowly into the flour and by using your hands rub the flour and the oil together to form a wired mixture of dumb flour.
  5. Luke warm some drinking water and slowly pour in the mixture to form your dough.
  6. Cut your dough into 6-8 even pieces.
  7. Throw plenty of flour and grab a piece from your dough on your kitchen countertop or board, and by using your plaster open a very thin layer of pastry of about 15x30cm. The base for your first “kattimeri” is ready.
  8. As it lays there, use a cooking brush or a spoon – as my grandma would have done – spread plenty of olive oil on the phyllo from one side to the other.
  9. Then sprinkle it with plenty of sugar.
  10. Now take each side and close the kattimeri forming a square. Press well so it will not open.
  11. In the meantime, after you have washed your “satzi” well, you place it upside down on your fire and till it gets really hot. Don’t touch it you will burn!
  12. By using two spatulas transfer your kattimeri on the extremely hot satzi and leave it to cook for 3-4 minutes without burning. Turn the kattimeri the other side and leave it for 3-4 minutes.
  13. Remove from fire and serve hot, according to your preference you can serve it plain or with honey.
  14. Repeat procedure for all the kattimeri separately.

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8 Reviews

aargersi March 24, 2015
What is strong flour?
Oh and I think you have a typo unless the strong flour is also dumb :-) :
step 4 - form a wired mixture of dumb flour.
Athena C. March 25, 2015
Hello aargersi!
Thanks for the correction. Indeed, at step 4 I have a typo :)
Strong flour is also called bread flour or durum flour (village flour)
Pany G. March 19, 2015
Very nice! Reminds me of my childhood in Cyprus, where I was born. My grandmother use to make this for us, lovely!
Athena C. March 19, 2015
Theodoros D. March 18, 2015
Such a cool recipe, thanks for sharing :)
Athena C. March 18, 2015
Thank you!
Demetris A. June 30, 2020
I halloumi?!!!!
Demetris A. June 30, 2020
I meant: “ No halloumi?!!!”