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Expensive tomatoes

August 21, 2009
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Photo by James Ransom
  • Serves 2
What You'll Need
  • 2 Large heirloom tomatoes
  • 1 dash Good coarse salt
  1. Live in Southern California. This step is important.
  2. Go to the farmer's market. Pass the $5-a-lb heirloom tomato lady several times. Do nothing. As you are about to leave, approach her table, dig around in your pocket for the last time, place two tomatoes on her scale, then fork over your last $10, $3 of it in change. Go home. Lie to your spouse about how much they cost. Place salt on a nice piece of china. Cut up tomatoes, dip them in the salt and eat them. Regret nothing.

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    Carolyn Jung

10 Reviews

mdm September 9, 2013
I substituted New Hampshire for Southern California in step 1 and it came out perfectly! Thank you! (though I'm a So Cal native, sniff sniff)
Panfusine September 6, 2013
Heh heh.. I got a 'South Joisey' equivalent of this recipe, its a staple at home!
SuSanFran July 30, 2013
Turns out you can substitute 'live in Northern California' for Step #1 without doing too much violence to the essence and soul of this recipe. Thanks for your dauntless courage and relentless researching skills.
MeghanVK March 1, 2011
Step #1 is SO important! I used to live in LA and love tomatoes. Now I live in New York and hate them.
Denise June 16, 2010
This just might be the best recipe I've ever seen. Well, maybe a very close #2. I'm kind of committed to Lawrence Ferlinghetti's Recipe For Happiness Khaborovsk Or Anyplace as #1... A ripe heirloom tomato (or 2) are very difficult to turn down, at any price. I'm patiently waiting for them to arrive.
Carolyn J. September 11, 2009
Because I have a black thumb, I usually buy heirloom tomatoes at the farmers' market. I feel like I need to mortgage my house every time I do so! Hah. But the taste does make it worth every penny.
JoanAmy August 25, 2009
I'm telling.
Rhonda35 August 22, 2009
Hysterical! I, too, wouldn't regret it one bit...well, maybe the living in Southern California part...but the rest is just perfect!
Merrill S. August 21, 2009
Hedonism with a side of neurosis. Love it.
Helen August 21, 2009
I think this is my favorite recipe yet.