Zucchini noodles with avocados source

April 7, 2015

Author Notes:

This is my version of Zucchini noodles that I leaned from a vegan recipe (I added some source to give it a fresh, creamy flavor).


Serves: 2


  • Avocado One of big avocado
  • Yogurt tablespoons Four
  • Garlic pieces One
  • Fresh mints handfuls One
  • Olive oil tablespoons One
  • Mayo tablespoons One
  • Fresh lemon teaspoons Three
  • Salt pinches One
  • Collyflower handfuls Chopped
  • Tomato Two
  • Zucchini Two
In This Recipe


  1. Put everything (apart from zucchini, tomato and collyflower) in the food prossecer and mix until it becomes a source, then chop and add the collyflower. Finally add the Zucchini noodles and chopped tomatoes. Topping tomato.

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