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Sweet and Spicy Horseradish Dressing

March  7, 2010
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  • Makes a modest amount of dressing
Author Notes

I'm not a big fan of chili-spiciness--it lingers on my tongue in a way that just feels unpleasant. But the quick rush of sinus-clearing horseradish-spiciness makes me swoon. I love this salad dressing so much that I'll eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon. —linzarella

Test Kitchen Notes

It's hard not to love a recipe where the only instructions are essentially zest, scoop and shake. As written, it comes out nicely balanced between zippy, sweet and savory, but then linzarella encourages us to customize -- a dash more horseradish for the spice fiends, a dollop more crème fraîche for the indulgent -- and shake again. The two types of dairy -- equal parts tart yogurt and mellow, rich crème fraîche -- are an especially nice touch, bringing a tempered zing to the dressing. We think it would be lovely tossed with some chilled poached shrimp and watercress or alongside some crudités. - A&M —The Editors

What You'll Need
  • 1 lemon
  • 3 tablespoons creme fraiche
  • 3 tablespoons plain whole milk yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 2 tablespoons prepared horseradish
  • 2 tablespoons dijon mustard
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 pinch freshly ground pepper
  1. Zest the lemon, then juice half of it. In a jar, combine juice & zest with remaining ingredients, stir, then cover the jar and shake. Taste and adjust to make it spicier, creamier, or sweeter to your preference.

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33 Reviews

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The37218.7865 March 24, 2023
The37218.7865 March 24, 2023
piacere December 29, 2013
A great dressing on anything you can think of to use with it. Green salad. Slaw. Deviled eggs. Sandwiches. Chilled veggies (for dip). Potatoes. Potato salad. The list goes on. And on. I've also made variation of this, born of necessity of not having creme fraiche in house when wanting to whip this up, of using about 1 generous tablepoon of mayo in place of it and then a little more lemon juice. Wonderful as written. Also good modified.
vi1715 August 6, 2013
Just made this dressing tonight and used it to dress my shredded cabbage on beef and fish tacos. Loved it.
Sugar &. July 27, 2012
This sounds delicious I'm thinking roast beef sandwich. Yum!
hazeddazed March 31, 2011
so much yum!
healthierkitchen March 28, 2011
I saved this last year and it sort of got lost in my saved recipes section, so it was a great remender to see it in the contest this week. I made it this weekend and it's just a delicious, tangy dressing. I just used it over salad to counterpoint a saltier dish, but I am thinking of lots of ways to use it. thanks!
Made this last night for a potato, bean and radish salad. It was fabulous!! Just the right balance of flavors. It's amazing how the honey makes this a real standout.
MrsWheelbarrow March 29, 2010
Just two words - Deviled Eggs.
linzarella March 24, 2010
Oh man, I just used this to braise some savoy cabbage. Definitely not was I envisioning when I first put the dressing together, but really good! Ate it over noodles with sausage and it was a perfect dinner...
Creative K. March 24, 2010
I love horseradish!!! And I absolutely adore horseradish sauce. This one sounds like a keeper!! I'm bookmarking it now. I always make my dressings in a small mason easy to just shake it up! Thanks for sharing!!
AntoniaJames March 24, 2010
Epic. Truly epic. I just had this on leftover salmon for lunch. I've been looking for this for a long time. It has just achieved instant "Staple" status in my kitchen. I plan to use it on my warm German style potato salad with bacon and fennel (which is pickled in champagne vinegar -- the recipe for the fennel and the potato salad are posted on this site) later this week. ;o)
Rhonda35 March 18, 2010
Made this last night and used it to make coleslaw. Delicious! Then, today, I put it on rye bread with thinly sliced pastrami and it was so yummy! Thanks for this great recipe.
Rhonda35 March 19, 2010
What I meant to say is I put the leftover coleslaw on the sandwich.
testkitchenette March 18, 2010
This will be gracing my dinner table tomorrow night.
Kelsey B. March 17, 2010
A delicious, simple recipe. There are so many great uses for it!
AntoniaJames March 17, 2010
I see a Savoy cabbage slaw with apples . . . . on crostini with smoked salmon . . . . on a simple baked potato, with snips of garlic chives . . . . I can see how I might have to make a large jar of this, soon. ;o)
Aliwaks March 17, 2010
ooh I just dug up a fresh horseradish root from my do you think that would work???

I am totally seeing this with 1) smoked trout & apples & beets 2) arugula, scallions and radishes & sliced grilled steak salad 3) somehow involved with a the cabbage slaw idea, that would be AMAZING on pulled pork.
linzarella March 17, 2010
I've never tried it with fresh horseradish root, but I'm sure it would be amazing! Let me know how it turns out.
AntoniaJames March 17, 2010
I could also see tossing this with some Brussels sprouts, lightly steamed, and small pieces of crisp bacon . . . . . love horseradish and bacon together. Yummmmmm.;o)
claireheath March 17, 2010
LOVE the Brussels sprouts suggestion. Rather than steamed, what about raw? Shaved very thin and crunchy on a mandoline (like slaw) - and still with bits of bacon! YUM.
thirschfeld March 17, 2010
I think Amanda and Merrill may have given us our summer salad. Watercress Shrimp and this dressing sound soooooo goooood. What a great dressing thanks for sharing it.
Merrill S. March 19, 2010
That was actually Kristen's idea, which we love!
amysarah March 17, 2010
Big horseradish lover too - especially in creamy sauces like this. This would be perfect on a rare roast beef sandwich, with some soft lettuce, maybe a slice of ripe juicy tomato. I am seriously salivating just thinking about it now.
EmilyNunn March 17, 2010
Me, too, to all of the above. I say horse + radish = delicious.