Meat balls cooked in tomato sauce

Meat balls cooked in tomato sauce

Author Notes: It's made of cow mince meat, and this recipe is for four persons: We put the mince in a big bowl, and we add fresh cut garlic to tiny pieces, some wet bread, 1/3 of cup beer or wine, oil, salt and pepper. We work it with hands till it's a liquid mass. Then we make the balls and afterward we prepare the sauce as follows: Five small tomatoes in a medium bowl, with three spoonful oil, salt and pepper. After we boil the sauce till it's medium done, we put the meatballs inside and have them baked in the oven round 150 C for 45 min, or 200 C for 30 min.Katerina Katapodi

Serves: 4 people


Mince meant, garlic, wet bread, cup of beer or wine, en egg (optioal), oil, salt and pepper as well as kimino (kimino is Greek spicy).

  • 1/2 kgs Mince meat
  • 1 slice wet bread 1 slice
  • 2 spoonful of oil

FIve tomatoes, salt, pepper and kimino (Greek spicy, or any spicy you want)

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