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Cold Fruit Soup Popsicles

June 29, 2015
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Author Notes

I prefer my soup in popsicle form. This recipe begins with leftover fruit soup (another recipe of mine!) and blends the soup in a blender, then freezes it in popsicle molds. —purduetina

  • Makes at least 8 popsicles
  • Step one: prepare "Cold Fruit Soup"
  • Leftover Soup Popsicles
  • 4-8 popsicle molds
In This Recipe
  1. Step one: prepare "Cold Fruit Soup"
  2. 1. See the other recipe "Cold fruit soup" to get started.
  1. Leftover Soup Popsicles
  2. 1. Blend the soup, in a blender until smooth. There will be some chucks of fruit, but will not be very thin.
  3. 2. Pour blended fruit soup into popsicle molds. Freeze overnight. Enjoy!

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