Cast Iron Bread

By deby
August 20, 2015
Cast Iron Bread

Author Notes: Why would anyone say no to an old cast iron skillet. This is more about the skillet then the bread. Although the beautiful recipe is by bakerbettiedeby

Serves: 4


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  1. Why would anyone say no to an old Cast Iron Skillet?? July 17, 2015 Deby Hogue The recipe is form BakerBettie. Well I really didn't say no to the the Skillet, I said no to Chuck's Mom and his Aunt when they offered Grandma Marie's Old Cast Iron Skillet to me. Me. I think that was an honor. Now. I had seen her cook in it many times. What was I not thinking. I guess I was sorta young. Everyone loved her Chicken that she fried in that Skillet. The garbonzo beans she would some how steam in the Skillet wrapped in a dish towel. Her and I would sit around and eat the really hard and crunchy beans salted. And she would tell me stories. Don't worry I have a son Casey who bought me one around 12 years ago and I love it. I wonder when the time comes to give mine away will someone be smart enough to take it? Or should I leave it here in the jungle? I was thinking that this bread would be good split and made into a big sandwich.

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