Bread ‘n cheese with Conifer Syrup

November 11, 2015

Author Notes: I love cheese, any cheese, absolutely any type – except Stilton. Some throw back to childhood about it being mouldy and that was that. Even working in a cheese company didn't change my mind except that it is a great cheese and must be on a cheese board. Must have a soft French, a creamy semi- hard with nuts or fruit for some sharp flavours and the compulsory cheddar. Add a goats cheese for a bitter contrast. I love making simple bread sticks, crunchy full of seeds and to balance all these soft, cloying flavours and slight dryness, the conifer syrups work well. They have a tangy sweetness with hints of fig, caramel and raisin. Drizzle on the cheese, dip grapes and indulge. Peppertony Food

Serves: 2


  • pieces Selection of cheeses- try ceddar, goats cheese
  • handfuls Grapes
  • pieces Flat bread - your choice
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