Traditional Armenian Dish - Lamb Recipe

November 11, 2015

Author Notes: Traditional Armenian dish of lamb meat is a great cause to have a cozy party at home with friends. Perfect Eastern appetizer for wine. What else is needed? Just a friendly conversationFoodnchef

Serves: 2


  • 600 grams lamb
In This Recipe


  1. Lamb - 0.6 kg Tomatoes - 0.25 kg Butter - 0.1 kg Green pepper - 0.1 kg Bow - 0.1 kg How to cook the lamb? Meat to clear of unnecessary parts and put it under running water for 30 minutes. Then put on the fire pot of salted water as the water boils put the meat in it. Vary after half an hour. Add vegetables in boiling meat and boil until tender. Before you are ready to add oil. Serve with vegetables and broth.

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