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Grilled Oysters with Black Truffle Butter

December 18, 2015
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Photo by Aliwaks
  • Serves 1 or 2
Author Notes

Truffle butter and Oysters? Ridiculous! So decadent! So unnecessary! Then when you are licking the last but of briny buttery funky goodness from the crease of the plates you will wonder if there still time to go out an get more oysters —Aliwaks

What You'll Need
  • 12 fresh oysters, I used Darmiscotta oysters because I live in Maine and they were what the man at the Farmarket usually has
  • 2-3 generous knobs of the best truffle butter you can get your hands on - I used lcoal butt from Casco Bay Butter- If I had fresh truffles I would use thier butter and shave in some real truffles
  • some chopped parsely
  • some great bread
  • a half a lemon
  1. heat your grill to high
  2. In a pan you don't care much about burning the bottom, arrange oysters so the rounded side is on the bottom ( I use an enamel pie tin which holds 6 oysters and a cast iron pie tin which also holds 6)
  3. place the cooking vessel of your choosing on the grill & shut it
  4. meanwhile mince some flat leaf parsley (don't leave it out it actually cuts the richness just a bit)
  5. Check grill to see if oysters shells have popped (about 8 minutes more or less)
  6. Using a dishtowel carefully pry the top shells off and place oysters in shells back in pan
  7. Add a bit of butter to each oyster
  8. put back on grill for a few minutes to let butter melt
  9. sprinkle with parsley, add a squeeze of lemon and tea right out off the dish you cooked in

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JulianS February 11, 2023
Why does this recipe have so many typos?