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CuredĀ Salmon

May  7, 2010
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See Salt Cure for Fish Recipe. The salmon must be cured the day purchased and are best eaten that day. It will still be good the next day. After about 2 days, there is noticeable degradation. —trl

What You'll Need
  • Preferrable a wild salmon or char (one of the orange fish) with the skin on. It must be very fresh. Choose as large a piece as you desire, as long as you'll be able to eat it all within a couple days.
  1. Follow recipe for Salt Cure for Fish on its own page. Cure for 18-24 hours depending on thickness. 1/2 inch would be on the 18 hour side of the scale. 1 inch would be on the 24 hour side. You really just have to develop a knack for it through trial and error.
  2. Slice thin and use however you want. Try with cream cheese and avocado on a bagel. You can also try like my cured scallops (served with citrus sauce and avocado).
  3. SALT CURE: Makes mix per 1lb of fish to cure....3 cups kosher salt...1 cup white granulated sugar...Rind from 3 whole citrus fruits (must use lemon; if you have orange, tangerine, lime or any other citrus, by all means use those too)...1. Combine salt and sugar in a bowl and mix together...2. Wash/scrub skin of each citrus fruit and towel dry...3. Microplane citrus rind from each fruit...4. Mix citrus rind into salt/sugar thoroughly (salt/sugar mixture should start to take on the color of the citrus rind)...5. Lay one sheet of saran wrap horizontally and one vertically on the counter...6. Spread 1/3 of salt mixture in middle of saran as a base for fish (should be in shape of fish and slightly bigger than the fish)...7. Rinse fish and dry thoroughly...8. Place fish on salt mixture base...9. Cover fish with remaining salt mixture and pack tightly...10. Wrap fish/salt mixture in saran wrap and place in ziploc bag...11. Put fish in refrigerator for required time (based on fish cure recipe)...12. When done curing, unwrap fish and rinse under cold water...13. Towel dry (you want to get rid of all moisture) and wrap tightly in saran wrap, then in a ziploc bag. Put back in the refrigerator until ready to use.
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