Salmon Ochazuke (Tea Rice)

May 11, 2010
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  • Serves 4
Author Notes

I grew up in Washington, DC and worked there again after school. One of my preferred spots for lunch is Teaism and one of my favorite dishes there is the ochazuke. It's a great dish to make with leftover rice and takes only as long as it takes to make some tea and cook up some salmon. - solmstea —solmstea

Test Kitchen Notes

This is the kind of dish I really like. I like that it could be made with leftovers but is also simple enough to make from scratch. The tea acts as a dashi broth and with the addition of the soy, is very similar in taste and without the hassle of tracking down bonito flakes. The oils from the salmon add lots to this concept of "tea as broth," which is brilliant . In the end, like so many Japanese do, I added lots of topping options. I am a big fan of the raw egg yolk, added sesame seeds and green onion and with the suggested nori strips I had a great one cup entree. It presents beautifully as well, which makes it a perfect course for a Japanese inspired dinner or just a really tasty lunch. - thirschfeld
—The Editors

What You'll Need
  • 2 cups Cooked shortgrain rice, warm or room temperature
  • 1/2 pound Salmon
  • 2 - 4 cups Green tea
  • 1 teaspoon Wasabe paste
  • 2 - 4 teaspoons Soy sauce
  • Some strips of nori seaweed or furikake
  • Plenty of salt
  1. Rub the salmon with lots of salt. Let sit for 10 - 15 minutes while you get everything else together. I use big chunky salt because it's easier to wipe off.
  2. Make the green tea. Cut the nori into strips if you're using it. Portion the rice into bowls.
  3. Wipe the salt off the salmon and then cook it by the method of your choice. I like to pan fry, but it would be good grilled or baked, whatever you prefer.
  4. Break the salmon into chunks and place on the rice. Add a bit of wasabi and some of the strips of nori on top.
  5. Pour the green tea over the wasabi and add soy sauce to taste. I don't like my soup very liquidy, so I use about a half cup of tea, but you could easily use closer to a cup.
  6. Done and done. Enjoy!
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    Jennifer Ann
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I like to cook simply, especially cooking with things I can find (or at the very least, find at the farmers market which, in SoCal, contains every kind of produce on earth!). I like ingredients like lambsquarters, which grow in every alley and once-tilled ditch but are overlooked as weeds. Or I like scuba diving for lobster - lobster you catch with your bare hands just tastes Great! Generally, I don't like overly fussy recipes and tend to just improvise with whatever I have on hand and few meals come out of my kitchen without green garlic, cayenne, orange zest, or either fresh mint or dill.

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Stacey January 14, 2021
In what universe does ½ lb of salmon serve 4?
AntoniaJames September 1, 2010
Made this today, added a few slivers of ripe, local avocado and some leftover roasted cauliflower. Used short grain brown rice -- the nice flavorful, chewy kind. The perfect lunch!! Love this recipe. ;o)
CatherineTornow May 20, 2010
Salmon ochazuke at teaism is one of my favorite meals in the USA. Thanks for posting the recipe. Can't wait to try it myself.
Jennifer A. May 11, 2010
Wow. Sounds like a wonderful dinner. Love the tea and wasabi with the salmon.
MyCommunalTable May 11, 2010
I have never made ochazuke. Never used tea in this manner. I am excited. I usually have this stuff around. Thanks.
solmstea May 11, 2010
Yeah, the first time I heard about this I was not convinced (Salmon in tea?? hmmm...), but it's such an easy and comforting dish. Let me know how you like it!
WinnieAb May 11, 2010
I was going to post a salmon ochazuke but you beat me to it! Looks great.
solmstea May 11, 2010
When I saw aargersi's tea rice ( I thought someone had beaten me to it too, but that one's pretty different, I guess :)
healthierkitchen May 11, 2010
Love Teaism and love this recipe!
AntoniaJames May 11, 2010
Brilliant!! ;o)