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June 19, 2010
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  • Serves about 3 cups
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When I lived in Portland, Oregon, I had a roommate who had an uncle who owned a cherry farm at The Dalles which is located along the Columbia River. We drove over one day and spent many hours up on ladders picking cherries. After we brought our bounty home we proceeded to pit them (we really had a LOT of cherries!) So, we recruited friends to help. One of her friends came by to pit cherries and drink wine. That was the first time that I met my future husband, Freddy. I make this recipe every year, nostalgic of that meeting...and, it is also a great recipe! (we were married almost 32 years) —dymnyno

What You'll Need
  • 1/2 pound apricots, pitted and diced
  • 1 pound dark red cherries, pitted
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup golden raisins or dried cherries for a very intense cherry flavor
  • 3/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 small onion, diced
  • 1 teaspoon curry powder
  • 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1 cup slivered almonds
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  1. In a heavy pot on medium heat, cook the cherries with the sugar.
  2. As the cherries start to break up, add the diced apricots, raisins, vinegar, lemon juice and onion. Stir to combine. If the mix is too thick add a little water. Cook until the fruit breaks down and the onions are cooked.(about 10 minutes)
  3. Add the curry powder , red pepper flakes and the slivered almonds.
  4. Simmer on low heat for about 20 minutes.
  5. Cool the chutney and serve.
  6. NOTE: this recipe can be made in larger amounts and canned and processed for your pantry.

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    LeBec Fin
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16 Reviews

LeBec F. March 3, 2016
that's a wonderful glimpse into your life. this sounds really really super and i have to say, i am working my brain hard to figure out what i would eat it with. Unlike most of the world, i just do not like sweet components with my meats(no, not even pork or duck. A tiny bit with turkey, but that is maybe i'd have it with waffles or pancakes? how do you think red or green tomatoes would go in it? gosh i wish you lived next door so i could try it RIGHT NOW!!
TheWimpyVegetarian April 25, 2013
I completely intended to make this some time ago!!! I'm so glad to see this again so I can move it up on my list to make as soon as fresh cherries hit the market!! I can't eat the almonds - can I substitute pine nuts for the crunch?
dymnyno April 23, 2013
I love it that your photograph is featured!
AntoniaJames April 23, 2013
One of my favorite chutneys, ever. Made some last summer; just opened a jar last month to go with a ham served by a friend at an open house. Just heavenly. I've put this recipe right at the top of my "must make" list for canning this summer. I don't add the almonds, by the way, as I don't care much for the way they get soft and lose their crunch. This chutney is so, so good though, even without them! ;o) P.S. When making a second batch last year, I found that "someone" had been snacking on the cherries I'd hoped to use, so I filled out the balance (about 5 ounces) with just-picked blueberries. Just as good!
Lizthechef April 23, 2013
This has got to be a contender for the best chutney ever - I have been making this in summer ever since you first posted it - and the love story always makes me smile.
melissav July 16, 2011
I'm processing jars of this as I type. The chutney is delicious. I couldn't find apricots so I used nectarines (all that I could find) and instead of the raisins used half dried cherries and half dried apricots. It is really fantastic; already thinking of all the ways to enjoy it. I doubled the recipe and ended up with 8 half pint jars plus a little ramekin full for the fridge. Thanks for the recipe and I love the story behind it.
cheese1227 August 26, 2010
My second date with my husband was topping and tailing gooseberries! Perhaps we suggest this type of activity to!
Midge August 20, 2010
A great story. Just saved the recipe. Thanks for sharing it!
Lizthechef July 25, 2010
Just made this - doubled - it is out of this world! I added dried apricots plus the dried cherries. So happy to have a jar for the fridge that I can dig into now - canned the rest for later. Thumbs up!
good C. July 8, 2011
at which stage did you can the rest and for how long?
Lizthechef July 13, 2011
for "good cooking" I canned it right away, just put the leftovers (ran out of sterile jars) aside in the fridge.
Lizthechef June 21, 2010
I love the family/friend stories almost as much as the great recipes folks post - thanks for both! I was hoping for a cherry chutney recipe and you didn't disappoint me!
Lizthechef July 20, 2010
I'm making this over the weekend - love the combo of cherries and apricots - going with the dried cherries, I think. Thumbs up!
lapadia June 21, 2010
I second that, your recipe looks and sounds delicious. LOVE the story...Cheers to almost 28 years!
TheWimpyVegetarian June 20, 2010
Looks delicious, and I love the story!
ellenl June 20, 2010
What a lovely story and I also can't wait to try the recipe!