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Maui Daydreamin'

July  7, 2010
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Author Notes

Aloha everybody and dig this Basil enriched cocktail from the island of Maui. I used all local kind ingredients for this libation including Maui Ocean vodka, fresh basil from Evonuk Farm in Kula and beautiful strawberries from Kula Country Farm. Welcome to Maui Whole Foods -Hana Hou ! —jimmytheseeker

What You'll Need
  • 2 ounces Maui Ocean vodka
  • 4 sprigs Fresh basil
  • 2 pieces Whole fresh strawberry
  • 4 ounces Newman's Own Lemonade
  • 3 drops 365 Organic Balsamic Vinegar
  1. In a pint glass, gently muddle 2 whole fresh strawberries with 4 sprigs fresh basil
  2. Add ice, vodka and lemonade
  3. Shake vigorously and strain into chilled Martini glass
  4. Ok -now take a large straw and using your finger on the other end, capture the balsamic vinegar and transfer to the bottom of the cocktail by inserting the straw thru the cocktail and releasing the vinegar
  5. Garnish with fresh basil sprig on top of cocktail w/thin sliced strawberry on top, like a lilly pad and get yer freak on !

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17 Reviews

TikiTime July 17, 2010
Made this the other night at work and was delicious!
shep July 12, 2010
great drinkl..ive had too many
dymnyno July 17, 2010
So, Shep, are you going to post any recipes.
Mary A. July 12, 2010
It sure is Shep's place!
Annelle July 9, 2010
Love the sound of this...will most assuredly enjoy it soon, and pretend I'm vacationing!
BigWalt July 9, 2010
The local liquor store is out of vodka, therefore, I am headed to Hawaii to buy me some Maui Ocean vodka so I can make this drink for my lovely bride. Thanks for the great recipe....yummmmm!!!
thecosmiccowgirl July 8, 2010
my husband and i were on vacation there a few weeks back from austin, tx. he was wearing the hopwaiian saint arnold shirt and we talked a lot about austin. you were our bartender, yes?
jimmytheseeker July 8, 2010
Yea -Aloha ya'll
thecosmiccowgirl July 8, 2010
my husband and i were just vacationing there a few weeks back from austin, tx. my husband was wearing the hopwaiian saint arnold shirt. i think you were our bartender, yes?
Who would have expected a cocktail to be entered in a contest using basil?! I had to use an 'inferior' vodka (I suspect), but I don't think that made the 'Daydreamin' any less wonderful. What a great infusion. I love balsamic vinegar, but never expected it to show up in libations, either. Raise a glass to jimmytheseeker! Nice...
Lisa E. July 7, 2010
Maui Daydreamin' has all of the best ingredients a drink could have; add
the ambience of the Maui oceanfront setting and you have heaven on Earth!
I can't wait to be served a Maui Daydreamin' by the best bartender on the island.
suzshoe67 July 7, 2010
Wow! This guy comes up with really creative and delicious cocktails! The basil really complements the strawberries well! I give it two thumbs up! Another keeper for my recipe binder!
Jenrusso July 7, 2010
Wow this sounds fantastic! Can I get one at Mala?
AntoniaJames July 7, 2010
Basil + Lemon + Strawberries . . . . What a great combination! Sounds delish!! ;o)
dymnyno July 7, 2010
Mahalo for the great drink! Where do you bartend? I spend a little time down in Makena. Yeah for Whole Foods...so S______ and C_____ are not the only games in town anymore.
jimmytheseeker July 7, 2010
I'm a Bartender at Mala (Marriott, Wailea) and yes, Whole Foods has been a great addition to life on a volcanic rock
dymnyno July 7, 2010
I love that location....that's Shep's place?