Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt

August 11, 2010
6 Ratings
  • Makes 1 quart of frozen yogurt
Author Notes

Classic Mint Chocolate Chip flavors a soft and creamy frozen yogurt. Definitely a must try! —mtlabor

What You'll Need
  • 4 tablespoons powdered gelatin
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 18 ounces plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon peppermint extract
  • neon green food coloring
  • 1 cup mini chocolate chips
  1. In a large bowl, sprinkle the gelatin over 1/2 cup of the milk.
  2. In a small saucepan, cimbine the remaining 1/2 cup milk with the sugar and bring to a boil over high heat. Stir until dissolved and then pour the hot mixture in the bowl with the gelatin and milk. Whisk until the gelatin is completely dissolved (this part is crucial because you don't want little chunks of undissolved gelatin to be mixed throughout the final product. Not tasty, trust me).
  3. Whisk the yogurt into the gelatin mixture. Whisk in peppermint extract and a few drops of the neon green food coloring until you've reached your desired color.
  4. Using an ice cream maker, freeze the mixture according to the machine's directions. I had the mixture in mine for about 25-30 minutes for a nice creamy, solid texture. About 5 minutes before you're ready to stop the machine, add in the chocolate chips. Serve immediately.

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7 Reviews

xiamnotacrookx June 26, 2023
Wishing I would have read other reviews before making this. I had never used gelatin in ice cream/frozen yogurt, so I didn’t have context for how much is too much to add. I’ll tell ya - THIS is too much. Like someone else said - it’s like jello but made with milk. Quite gnarly!!!!
Laura L. February 10, 2015
This was bad! WAY too much gelatin, and the taste was horrendous! I love my mint chocolate chip, but this was just yuck..had the texture of jello, but made with milk..gross!
Sarah H. September 2, 2013
Just made this. Tasted awful! Not sure if I used too much gelatin. It was less than the 4 tablespoons called for. The consistency was like eating grease. Yuck!!
Alli H. August 6, 2013
Can skim milk be used? Skim milk could be a healthier option.
mtlabor August 12, 2010
thanks guys! it definitely hit the spot!
AntoniaJames August 12, 2010
Yaaaaay! I'm so glad you posted this. I've been having great fun making fruit-based frozen yogurt, but have been thinking it would be wonderful to make a chocolate mint. Thank you so much!! ;o)
Sagegreen August 11, 2010
My....would this be grand to have right now!!!