Chocolate Quinoa Cake

January 30, 2017

Author Notes: A super simple Chocolate Quinoa Cake, it's a delicious cake that takes 5 Minutes to make in a mug. It leaves you feeling nourished and energised! We find it a great snack, breakfast, or dessert! It’s also gluten freeBrittnay

Serves: 1


In This Recipe


  1. 1. 2 tbsp cooked quinoa 2. 1 tbsp chia seed 3. 30 grams protein powder or cocoa powder ( or half of both to equals 30 grams) 4. 1/2 banana 5. 1 egg 6. Optional vanilla (1/4 tsp) 7. Optional honey to make it sweeter (1 tbsp) 8. Drizzle with dark chocolate sauce 9. cocoa powder (unsweetened) to sprinkle on top
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