Pimento Cheese Sandwiches on White Bread

October  4, 2022
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  • Serves one pint
Author Notes

We all have our weaknesses and pimento cheese is one of mine. I just can't help myself. Over the past few years I have gained control of my addiction but only because I now eat it only when when I make it. I make pullman loaves because everyone likes white bread and as much as I want my family to eat whole grains I also don't want them to go crazy eating all the stuff we wouldn't let them have once they can. As with most cheese spreads as this sits the flavors develop and meld. —thirschfeld

What You'll Need
  • 1 medium sized sweet yellow onion, peeled and quartered
  • 1 pound medium cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 cup pimento peppers, minced or one 4 oz. jar, drained
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon ketchup
  • 2 teaspoons cider vinegar
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons creole whole grain mustard
  • 1/2 to 1 teaspoons Crystals hot sauce, preferred, but another will do
  • 4 to 6 tablespoons cultured 2% non-homgonized buttermilk
  • fresh ground black pepper
  • white bread of your choice
  1. Place the grater blade onto your food processor and grate the cheese. Dump it into a mixing bowl.
  2. Place the bowl and grater back onto the machine and grate the onion. Remove the grate and add the chopping blade. Add the rest of the ingredients except for the bread and pulse until combined.
  3. Using a spatula mix the cheese with the sauce until everything is evenly distributed. I do this in the mixing bowl because I have found if I use the processor I get cheese goo and I want the strands of cheese. Let the spread sit for an hour to let the flavors develop.
  4. Spread the mix onto a piece of white bread then top with another slice of bread. Cut the sandwich into an x so you have four triangle pieces because pimento cheese just seems best this way.
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    Kimberly Malone
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25 Reviews

Kimberly M. May 19, 2017
This is a really yummy recipe and I love that it only uses cheddar cheese rather than a mix of cheddar and American. I would cut back on the onion next time - probably use an equivalent of 1/4 cup. The onion I used was probably more like 1/2-3/4 cup when it was grated up.
boulangere March 27, 2011
I just came across this recently, and don't actually remember how. Takes me back to Lake Bluff, Illinois, where we were living when my mother started making this for us. On Pepperidge Farm white bread. We had squirrels in the backyard who would inch their way towards us and take a slice of bread (without pimento cheese, you understand) from our hands. Thanks for the memory, and the recipe!

One question: how does Crystal's compare to Siracha or Cholula for heat?
Meredith1941 November 30, 2010
I also love pimento cheese on open faced toast, with extra pepper on top.

My mom has an old cheese grater that is a floppy opening tongs-type thing with a wheel on a crank (am I describing this correctly? Oooo - I found one on-line. They still make them:

I used to love to get to grate the cheese and sneak bites as I grated. The grater holes were extra small, so the cheese was really fine and it made the smooshiness of the spread even better.

Lot's of Pimento Cheese memories here, Tom. Love it!
thirschfeld November 30, 2010
Isn't pimento cheese the best?
theicp September 28, 2010
This just made me feel all warm and fuzzy - reminds me of what my Dad used to pack for me.
thirschfeld September 28, 2010
thanks ICP, and anything that reminds you of family is always a good thing.
Gale September 27, 2010
Does this ever sound wonderful - and I like that you call for Crystal hot sauce, it has so much more than heat. All I get with the usual LA hot sauce is a blast of heat, but Crystal has some nuance (even to my old, abused taste buds). This is going into the must try file. Thanks.
thirschfeld September 28, 2010
I have to have my Cystals shipped in from Fl. because I can't find it here in Indiana. Never the less it is by far my favorite southern/American hot sauce.
dymnyno September 29, 2010
I only know about one hot sauce...Tobasco. What is the difference between Crystal and Tobasco? (one of my traveling companions in Greece for the past 3 weeks puts Tobasco on everything!...his middle name is McIlhenny)
thirschfeld September 29, 2010
dymnyno tobasco just seems hot while, to me anyway, Cyrstals lends heat but also an aged vinegar flavor that is just the right addition to some foods, say white beans and ham or collards with bacon. While some will eat it on everything to me it is only right for some foods and when it is right, it is right.
dymnyno September 27, 2010
Spot on as usual...I can see this sandwich neatly wrapped in wax paper and lovingly packaged in a plain brown paper bag with a child's name printed in red crayon.
thirschfeld September 28, 2010
Aren't you in the middle of wine making season? I always appreciate and value your comments, thanks dymnyno.
Waverly September 27, 2010
Pimento cheese on homemade white bread - I am salivating. I would cut off the crust and then cut the sandwich into little triangles and serve them with some tomato soup. I wish I hadn't just eaten lunch. There is a diner near where I live that has been making this since the 1950's. The best. You have some great recipes.
thirschfeld September 28, 2010
I cut the crusts off for one of my two girls and I have to say I have never had one with tomato soup. I guess I am going to have to have a new food combo day. And thank you.
halfasiangirl September 26, 2010
A pimento cheese sandwich is one of the greats! I agree that somehow it tastes best on soft, white sandwich bread.
thirschfeld September 28, 2010
Thanks halfasiangirl
Midge September 25, 2010
I'm a recovering pimento cheese addict too. I was hooked on the Lee Bros version, but I might just have to give this one a try.
thirschfeld September 28, 2010
I have never had Lee Bros.
nannydeb September 25, 2010
I went to bed last night thinking of pimento cheese sandwiches. That must have been your midnight snack!
thirschfeld September 28, 2010
I often go to bed thinking about food and if not I sometimes dream about it.
luvcookbooks September 25, 2010
just yesterday i purchsed some pimento cheese spread-- my mom grew up in the South-- and now I have a recipe for a sandwich! Thanks!
thirschfeld September 25, 2010
I am guessing your mom was a big fan of pimento cheese then
drbabs September 24, 2010
reminds me of my childhood.
thirschfeld September 25, 2010
I think I was in 5th or 6th grade the first time I had one of these and at lunch I traded my friend Robert Gardner my PB&J for it.
drbabs September 25, 2010
You were smart about food even then.