How to Make Scrambled Egg Without BREAKING the EGG!

May  3, 2017
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-Some people likes yolk in egg and some prefer white.Lets prepare a delicious scrambled golden egg which any one can eat.
-These golden eggs will be perfect for easter as we are using natural technique here instead of dyes.
-Here main aim is mixing yolk and white so that we dont see any more seperated egg white and yolk in boiled egg.
-Scrambled egg can be cut in to very thin slices and you can even grate it as it is even all over when compared to normal egg.
-These can be perfect surprise for your friends or wife and relatives whom you invite for lunch —Navneetha

What You'll Need
  • A string
  • You can use a tennis ball/cardboard box/playing caps or anything which fixes your egg in it
  • A torch(you can use your mobile)
  • Tape
  • Egg
  • cloth to wrap the egg(optional)
  1. FIXING:(check my images) 1) I have taken 2 caps and made 2 holes on each cap 2)I joined 2 caps by passing a string through them 3)Then wrapped egg in cloth and placed in the center ridge 4) To fix the egg in the center i closed 2 caps to form ball shape with tape (Here 1,2,3,4 steps are clearly shown in my image 2 )
  2. TWISTING:(IMAGE 3) -After fixing egg next step is to spin your egg.Hold both the string ends,rotate and then pull the string edges.You will hear a sound which confirms the yolk disintegration
  3. TESTING:(Image 4) -You can confirm whether yolk is broken in 2 ways 1)Shake your egg and if you hear a mixing sound then egg got scrambled or else not 2)Take a torch and place your egg on it.Unscrambled eggs appear bright yellow color and scrambled egg appears dull as shown in my images
  4. Boiling egg:(Image 5) -Boil egg in a vessel filled with water.you can add pinch of salt to prevent cracking. After boiling place in cold water,peel and enjoy your delicious golden egg
  5. Other tips for egg boiling: -When you add a pinch of salt and boil egg you can prevent cracking and peel egg without any scrapes -Always transfer egg to cold water and peel -Egg freshness can be tested by adding a pinch of salt in water.If egg floats it is not fresh and if it sinks it is fresh

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