Alcohol-Free Drinks

YUMMY Low-fat Smoothie/Shake-like Drink

May  4, 2017
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Author Notes

Takes 2 minutes to make & it is super delish!!! —Cindy

  • Serves 1
  • Diet Cherry 7-Up or any other flavored soda or sparkling water!
  • Frozen Low-fat Cool Whip (you can substitute with "regular" or Sugarfree Cool Whip!)
In This Recipe
  1. All ya need to do is: 1) Grab yourself a glass 2) Put in a spoonful or 2 of frozen (that's the key part - MUST BE FROZEN) Low-fat Cool Whip 3) Pour in some Diet Cherry 7-Up (make sure you leave room for all the fun foam this mixture creates!😀) 4) Add in another scoopful of Frozen Low-fat Cool Whip 5) Enjoy your easy-peasy & super yummy Smoothie/Shake-like concoction!! 💟You can drink/eat it with a straw and/or a spoon. Personally, I prefer to use a spoon so my tasty treat lasts longer!😉 For me, that's particularly helpful because I'm on a diet... 😳Ooops - scratch that!! I'm not dieting. I'm learning how to EAT healthier, so I CAN BE healthier!!!💟

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