Chocolate Chip cookies

June  5, 2017
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  • Makes 18-20 big cookies
Author Notes

Everybody at least once in their lives should bake chocolate chip cookies. They are amazingly delicious and juicy, simple to make and absolutely silly. Silly, because they look like little squashed flying saucers, which had a tuff landing onto your plate.

French people love these cookies. You can find them in any patisserie or cafe. But... a deep breath (no matter how hard it will be for me to admit this, as I warship French pastry) - they are not always at their best. And the reason to that probably is: " can’t beat a good homemade cookie” (J. Oliver). Chocolate chip cookies are all about balancing sweetness from white and brown sugar with softness of vanilla and butter.

The original recipe was invented by Ruth Wakefield from Massachusetts. Nobody knows exactly how she came up with this recipe, but it absolutely reshaped the cookie 🍪 baking world forever. Next year this iconic American recipe will hit its 80th anniversary, so if you have never made it, hurry up - you still have time to practice before the world goes completely "cookie", celebrating this mega-baking-event. —AnastasiasKitchen

What You'll Need
  • 150 grams unsalted soft butter
  • 220 grams self-rising flour
  • 80 grams brown sugar
  • 80 grams white sugar
  • 1 big egg
  • 100 grams 70% chocolate
  • 100 grams pack of mini Kinder Bueno
  1. Use a kitchen robot (or good blender) to mix butter and sugar. Spend a bit of time and effort on this stage, as this mix will represent the texture of your cookie. The substance should become creamy and fluffy.
  2. Add an egg and flour (or flour with backing powder) and mix gently with a wooden spatula.
  3. Chocolate and Kinder Bueno need to be cut in nice big pieces. When you eat your cookie, you literally want to bite into chocolate. I did not mix these two. I kept them separately, because I wanted to do two types of cookies. But! who said, you cannot add both ingredients at the same time?!
  4. Separate your dough with a knife in two pieces and add chocolate into one half and Kinder Bueno into another.
  5. Roll two parts into thick sausages and cut them into similar size pieces.
  6. Form each piece into a ball and let the the dough cool in the fringe for 20-30 minutes. The more you cool, the better. Butter and dough need time to rise up and get fluffy.
  7. Now put half of your balls on the baking paper and squash a bit each of them with your fingers. Remember, these are homemade cookies and they are supposed to be silly flying saucers, so nobody cares about the perfect shape! :) But you've got to keep them thick and far away from each other, because they are going to melt and increase in diameter.
  8. Cook in the preheated oven (150°C/300°F/fan) for about 20 minutes or until golden brown. Then let the cookies rest and cool before moving from the baking paper. When hot, the cookies are very fragile and can easily brake.

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