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Some Criteria to Consider When Choosing Restaurant Equipment

October 17, 2017
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The professionals of the gastronomic industry are well aware of the need to have quality restaurant equipment in order to work optimally. Food preparation is a very expensive activity in tools and machines. On the other hand, the professionals of the sector know that the equipment for restaurants is a primordial element on which depends also the success of the activity. It is therefore essential to have access to quality restaurant equipment, in order to meet the requirements of the trade.

Should I choose a professional restaurant equipment or home appliance for my restaurant's kitchen?

Such is the question that many restaurateurs are made before setting up their establishment. Nothing compels you to equip your kitchen with only professional restaurant equipments . Domestic equipment can be a good compromise for small budgets or restaurants that start, but you have to be aware that these appliances will not last long in your kitchen and will have to be replaced relatively soon.

Restaurant equipment must meet numerous criteria so that it can be considered a quality one.

Here are some of these criteria:

Restaurant Safety Equipment

It is certainly the essential point of good restaurant equipment: it should not be dangerous and it must be kept safe for use. In a restaurant, some equipment can be used dangerously in different positions. Cutting, cooking or even liquefying can be dangerous to the cook or any other employee. With professional restaurant equipment, the risk of security-related problems is greatly reduced.

Resistance of the equipment for restaurants.

It is one of the weaknesses of domestic material: resistance. An appliance used in a restaurant is subjected to rough use. The materials of a simple household appliance usually do not last long, only a few months of constant use. On the contrary, professional restaurant equipment is made of more expensive materials, but also more resistant to use on a regular basis. We will then privilege the quality of materials for a much longer life than an ordinary home appliance.

Maintenance of restaurant equipment

All important restaurant equipment in your kitchen or bar must have a maintenance contract with a specialized company. It can be with the brand of your device, with the store where you bought it or with a specialist of this type of intervention. Keep in mind that repairs can sometimes cost expensive and a maintenance contract allows for quick and cost-effective intervention.

At the time of installation of your kitchen, also take into consideration the accessibility of your appliances. Whether electronic or pipe, everything should be easily accessible in order to quickly solve a problem eventually without having to move your entire kitchen.

Hygiene of your kitchen

An essential element of a restaurant, the hygiene, should be irreproachable in the room as in the kitchen. For impeccable hygiene, you have to adapt the location of your restaurant equipment (s) in order to facilitate cleaning and disinfection. Restaurant equipment should be able to withstand the professional products used for disinfection in order to avoid having a source of bacteria for its preparations.

If we must take care of an important aspect in choosing professional restaurant equipment, it is the hygiene. Your restaurant equipment should be simple maintenance and fully washable with professional products without any possibility of damage.

Kitchen capacity

A kitchen should be simple and easy to access even in busy times in your restaurant. It should be able to accommodate several people, as well as numerous preparations and dishes ready to serve. Always envisage a "storage area" to send prepared dishes. In freezing or cooling side, you might need to choose walk in coolers .
Ventilation of the kitchen

Needless to say, but ventilation is indispensable in any restaurant and professional kitchen. Even if it were only for your well-being, quality ventilation is very important. It avoids not only the bad odors, but also improves the air of your kitchen.

You have just discovered the main criteria to have a kitchen worthy of the greatest professionals of the gastronomy. Opting for a professional restaurant team is to guarantee your guests a quality service to each of their services!


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