January 24, 2018
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  • Serves 2-6
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Created this for ease of preparation and clean up. Can be made for large groups or just two. Needs no watching, just cook and eat. Almost fool proof. Loved by everyone that has had it.Easy to make, easy to clean. I pan and done! I like to do this on my gas BBQ because it adds a smoky flavor, but you can do it in a 500 degree oven. Here’s what you need: —Boomdog02

What You'll Need
  • What you need
  • 1 sheet pan lined with foil
  • 1 piece talapia filet (1 per guest)
  • 1 pound shrimp (U20-25)
  • 1 medium onion halved and thinly sliced
  • 1 lemon halved and thinly sliced
  • 1 dozen grape tomatos
  • 4 tablespoons chopped garlic
  • 1.5 cups extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 bunch assorted fresh herbs
  • 1 tablespoon salt and pepper
  • 1 bulb fennel, thinly sliced
  • 2 cups Israeli couscous prepared
  1. Take the foil-lined sheet pan and drizzle with oil. A good amount, but not floating!Sprinkle generously with salt, pepper, garlic, and herbs. Scatter ½ the onion slices, fennel, and lemon slices. We’re building layers of flavor.
  2. Lay fish and shrimp (and any other veggies you want to add) on top of the prepared pan. Now repeat everything again. Oil, salt, pepper, garlic, onions, fennel, herbs, lemons on top of fish. Scatter halved tomatoes over the top of everything.
  3. Think you are done? Add another drizzle of oil and salt and pepper. I sprinkled some smoked paprika on top for color and flavor.
  4. Get the BBQ rip-roaring hot. Open lid, put the entire pan on grill, close lid. After about 5-7 minutes the aroma will be heavenly, check fish for doneness. TRICK: The shrimp should be getting a nice pink just about when the fish is done. (Use oven mitts to remove the tray…it will be very hot)
  5. Serve over rice, couscous, etc. I precooked some Israeli couscous, put it on a platter, laid the fish filets on top of the couscous, then poured everything else from the pan right over the fish as a “sauce”. Leftovers? Ha!
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