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Summer Symbol

September 26, 2009
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  • Serves 10
Author Notes

This summer was particularly good in Holland, at least for Dutch terms. That means that sometimes we had an entire week of sunshine and eating outside in a row. The people were smiling and sucking in every ripple of sunshine they could find, that’s what happens in a rainy country, when there is sun, it lives up and people go slightly crazy but in a nice way. The market in Rotterdam was packed with great summer fruits and vegetables, and caught by the same summer craziness, I carried a watermelon of 5 to 7 kilo home every week! I made a special box on the back of my bike to transfer these huge water bombs. And for a good reason, my boyfriend and I became completely hooked on one particular cocktail. Drinking it in the day in an alcohol free version and at night with a shot of sugar cane liqueur in it. Now the summer madness passed and we had to say goodbye to our summer symbol, but I thought to share the recipe you, so if there is still sun in your part of the world or you want to bring it back into your memory, you have to try this. It is great when you are thirsty or just to sit back and relax. —Janneke Verheij

What You'll Need
  • nice sweet and juicy watermelon
  • min leaves
  • cane sugar
  • cachaca (sugar cane liquor)
  1. Cut the watermelon in cubes and put in the blender. Cut some mint small and add this to the watermelon. Mix everything together well.
  2. For the alcohol-free version: just make the edge of the glass wet, dip it in the sugar cane, poor the juice in your glass and garnish with some mint leaves.
  3. For the real thing, add a shot of cachaca for every glass, mix in, decorate the glass with the sugar cane as before, and top of with some mint leaves. Make sure to use big glasses because it will disappear in a sec.

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