5 Succulent Landscaping Ideas

April  2, 2018
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Are you looking for unique and eccentric landscaping ideas for your backyard? One of the latest trends that are sweeping the landscaping industry is the usage of succulents to create a rustic and rural garden view. Yes, you heard it right. Cactuses are in trend this season and they make some of the most beautiful and stunning landscape for your backyard and garden. Not only are they extremely easy to grow but also effortless to maintain. They are perfect for working men and women who often forget to water and take care of their plants. They hardly require any water and can grow to any shape and style and still look absolutely fashionable and stunning.

Here are some spectacular succulent landscaping ideas that you need to try right now:

#1. A succulent fountain


Do you have a fountain in your backyard? Do you always struggle to keep it maintained and clean? Well, now is the perfect opportunity to get rid of your responsibilities and decorate your fountain with a new twist. You can fill the layers in your fountain will soil and plant beautiful and colorful succulents to make it stunning. You can add some blue-tinged Echeveria plants to make the different tiered fountain design more vibrant and striking. If you are looking for trendy and unique landscaping idea for the backyard, this one is bound to impress your friends and family.

#2. Cascading water


For this landscaping idea, all you need is a single type of succulent. You can choose the ones that closely resemble blooming flowers if you want. Get a medium to large clay planter and fill it with your succulents. Make sure you plant from the planter to the ground below it in a tilted way. Plant more succulents so that it looks likes the flowers are flowing downwards from the planter to the ground. You can try work with different colors and types of succulents but one type suits better to the image of cascading water from a clay pot.

#3. A colorful wheelbarrow


Do you have an ignored and forgotten wheelbarrow lying in your backyard? Well, now is the perfect time to use it to make a beautiful and striking landscaping arrangement. Put your wheelbarrow in the centre of your backyard and fill it with colorful stones and cactus soil. You can even color it if you want to give it an edgier look. Plant different colored cactus plants and turn this simple wheelbarrow into an eye-catching and stunning decoration.

#4. Cage display


Do you want to make your succulent display unique, spectacular, and eye-catching? This is one of the most spectacular, unique, and amazing ideas for showcasing your succulents. All you need to do is hang empty cages in your backyard. You can hang them from various tree branches or poles or anything else. Fill the bottom of the cage with required soil and plant your succulents inside. You can also get some cascading succulents and let them hang out of the cage. This rustic and enchanting display will earn you compliments right and left.
#5. Wooden Wonderland


Do you have any old wooden logs or tree trunk just thrown around in your backyard? Why not use it to display your backyard succulents! Cut off the middle part of your tree trunk to create a free-style planter and fill it with cactus soil. Plants you succulents artfully, you can plant succulents in almost any type and color. You can display this trunk or log in your backyard by the fountain or trees. This wooden, rustic, desert landscape will enhance your backyard and make it look magical.

So, what are you waiting for? Get you succulents and start trying out these amazing ideas right now!

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