Egg curry

June 14, 2018
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Egg curry or egg pulsu is a well-liked south Indian dish that is popularly known as Guddu pulusu or kodi guddu pulusu. Egg pulusu is particularly a vintage recipe from the Andhra Pradesh. Guddu or kodi guddu indicates the egg and pulusu basically indicates a spicy tamarind sauce.

This dish is customarily boiled eggs cooked in the tangy tamarind sauce coupled with spices to provide a zest flavor and taste to the palette. Eggs are an energy loaded food with lots of health advantages and is the best flexible type for the cooking.

Egg Pulusu is a standard Andhra food in which boiled eggs are prepared in onions and tamarind gravy and tempered with mustard seeds, methi seeds, garlic and curry leaves. It's usually offered with hot steaming rice. Pulusu is a telugu name which comes from the word ‘pulupu’ which means sour.

Eggs can be cooked in lots of ways such as boiled egg, fried eggs, baked eggs or scrambled eggs. Eggs are a useful source of high protein with numerous dietary advantages. They're really nutritious and packed with nutrients. Eggs cooked in tamarind sauce are really delicious.

Tamarind pulp is the key ingredient in preparing this dish which provides a sweet and sour flavor to the dish. Pulusu in Telugu indicates ‘pulupu kura’ that means sour curry. Tamarind pulp is the primary element in Andhra pulupu kurallu which provides the recipe a tangy taste. Jaggery or sugar can also be utilized in a few of the pulupu recipes which imparts a sweet and sour taste to the dish. Andhra delicacies is composed for a minimum of one this kind of gravy dish included in an everyday food, example, Pappu (lentil) Pulusu, Menthi (Fenugreek) Pulusu, Pesara Pappu (Split yellow moong dal) Pulusu, Kaakarakaaya (bitter gourd) Pulusu, Bhendakaaya (Ladies finger) Pulusu, Chepa (fish) Pulusu. Any veggie or meat cooked in a sweet and sour gravy is normally known as “Pulusu”.

Eggs are a frequent product in the majority of the homes and that is one food which is often prepared easily and may also be produced delicious for your family and guests as the majority of the components are in your hand’s reach.

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