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Pasticcio Delicious Recipe of Greek and Italian cooking with Spaghetti

June  4, 2019
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Pasticcio is a delicious food of Greek and Italian cooking made with spaghettu as primary ingredient.
A)INGREDIENTS :One bag thick spaghetti, with mince meat and then cream beshamel; Thus:
-We use a whole bag of thick spaghetti from Super Market, or half of it depending on quantity and size of food we want.
-We put spagetti in a big casserole to boil with some salt, this takes round half an hour, putting stove at 200 C.
a1) Mince meat of beef:
We prepare mince meat, while spaghetti is boiling, as following:
-We put an onion cut into small pieces in a small casserole on stove, and fry it with three big spoonful olive oil;as soon as onion starts getting brown, we put the mince meat (round half kgs for normal quantity), and fry slightly, till mince meat starts getting brown. The we add three fresh blended tomatoes, and also put some salt, pepper, and add a bit more olive oil, again round 2-3 big spoonful. We let this get done, and then we add cinamon, and some seeds of clovis, for taste. We mix well all this, and let it boil also at 170 C for round 20-25 minutes. In the mean time we taste spaghetti to see if it's done.
When both, spaghetti and mince meat are done, we put spaghetti first in a big flat plate, of glass, called ''pyrex'''..for baking later in the oven, whole food.
a) Cream beshamel: We put a pan on the stove, of electrical kitchen gadget, and then we put five big spoonful yellow butter, along with five big spoonful of flour, and we mix fast with a big spoon, so that butter is well mixed with flour. -Then by taking care not to burn mix, we start adding fresh cold milk, and mix further; if mix is sticky we add more milk, and if needed bit more flour, keep mixing fast all this, and when liquid cream is created, we add some salt, and mix further, by adding a broken egg, and still mix quickly. When all this is done (round 10-15 min), we add grated cheese, by preference yellow cheese, and finish mixing.-Our beshamel cream is ready, then we spread it over spaghetti with mince meat in pyrex, and arrange with a spoon so that cream is evenly put in pyrex, exactly on spaghetti and mince meat.
We bake round 1 hour in the oven, at round 170-200 C, ay be less, and we remove only when we see that cream beshamel, is crusty. We then put the pyrex plate from oven on a towel of kitchen and let it get cold to be able to eat. -Share with family or friends.
You can drink cold beer with Pasticcio already cooked.
GOOD APPETITE!.. —Aikaterini Katapodi

  • Prep time 1 hour
  • Cook time 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Serves 6
  • 5 tablespoons Olive oil
  • 1 piece Egg
  • milk cups Milk
  • 3 pieces Tomatoes
  • 5 tablespoons Flout
  • 3 tablespoons Butter
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