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Greek Typical Salad

April  5, 2020
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Photo by Aikaterini Katapodi
  • Prep time 15 minutes
  • Serves 4
Author Notes

Greek typical salads are made usually with mediterranean vegetable that grow in Greece and other mediteranean countries, while thy can also be found and sold elsewhere.
There are several kinds of Greek salads and mixed salads, here is one of the most typical ones for summer, that can be eaten with many plates, and other food, like foods of meat, such as steak, meatballs etc, or is good to be eaten alone in case of diet, offering you a full meal, with low calories.
-Four mid size fresh tomatoes
-Two mid size onions
-Two green fresh peppers
-White cheese
-Olive oil. salt, and oreganon

-We cut tomatoes to small pieces and put in a deep plate
-We cut cucumber in small thin rounded pieces
-We cut onions in small pieces,
-We further cut peppers to add;we then cut white cheese (only white cheese is used in this case), and we add few olives.
We then mix all this with a fork so that all ingredients are equally mixed in plate. --We then pour olive oil, pepper and oreganon mainly on cheese and mix further.
Nb All vegetable used must be well washed first..
Aikaterini Katapodi

What You'll Need
  • 5 pieces Tomato
  • 1 piece Cucumber
  • 1 quart White cheese
  1. Quantity applies as above description for four persons in this case.. Such salad is prepared for one person only for ex. by cutting one tomato only, or half cucumber upon wish.

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