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May  1, 2020
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You do, then I will spend on this much needed logged on. Most of us do not have maids at home, even though the food deliveries available and some companies even claim to be following wto guidelines. But the ground reality of these matters is a big question mark. But don't worry. In this new, I'm going to share it with Duplin. Super easy food recipes to eat during this long while deciding the recipes. My sole focus has been on the basic ingredients that are mostly available in the homes.

Refreshing based feeling with minimum ingredients and of course, least after cleaning time. So all these it as if would be quick one. But let's get started.

Hello, friends. Welcome to cook and health tips.

Starting with number of the list. Peanut butter crunch. This one hardly involves any cooking in a boring day. Chopped onions, tometo's cucumber. A handful of peanuts. Little bit need season it with Rourke's or Pepper and chat Masala sprinkles. Some lemon juice mix will end.

Your delicious peanut jar is ready now for the popper down on the gas and on low flame. Even Lidle's both sides of the pot right now. Either you can put the jug over the popper or simply have them alongside a sword.

Good try out. Next on the list as bread masala, this easy and tasty recipe might become your next favorite to start with a four slices of bread and cut them just like that.

Now in a band, put some butter and green chilly and chopped onions keep them for a while. Now add your favorite vegetables. I am adding jobs that age cabbage and capsicum. Put some rock salt and stir fry them together for 20 minutes. Now goes in job. tomato's makes them do as the mixture get solved.

Add a teaspoon of paw bhaji masala to bake it stays to the next level so they will mix one teaspoon of sauce, do it and combine will now add this historic makes them gently to evenly go the masala all over. Finally Garden should with fresh coriander leaves and so forth.

Test like heaven better than most foods that you eat outside at number eight is allu chana chat, one of my all time favorites in a bowl.

Put one cup of boiled chickpeas, one medium sized board potato, one tablespoon of good, one teaspoon of tomato ketchup, rock salt, black pepper lemon juice and mix with that’it, it's ready to holbourne hardly any skill required to make this one yet.

It's tasty filling and easy as a prepare so that you be the night before and then you can boil chickpeas and potatoes together. I would also suggest you not feel off the skin of potatoes as it is extremely rich and nutrients do give a gentle lie. The next option is mixed vegetable oil. When you are extremely hungry and feel like eating something proper, this easy recipe will come to your rescue in airport food.

One tablespoon of mustard oil. Now add one teaspoon of human seeds into it. Let them split up. Now add your favorite veggies in those cauliflower capsicum and beets. Sort of them for a couple of minutes.

Now add green Julie grated ginger, turmeric powder, coriander, powder, job, tomatoes and finally a need. Mix them again and stir fry for about a minute. Add some rocks or now we will add soap.

Sammy Brown dies along with double the amount of water in which they were already sold. Then for at least feed for us. Makes all the ingredients once again. Go out of the brand and let it go. Go on a low flame for about fifteen minutes. After about 15 20 minutes, Yordan nutritious mixed vegetable Pulau would be ready to begin well-balanced with complex carbs, proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

It's an evergreen meal option, right? Add a teaspoon of garlic to it or you can even enjoy it. Good. At number six is old meat, sweet, easy and feeling. That's what I like about goat meat. This could be your super big fast during the long down. Simply boil one glass of milk once it gets bored.

Add 50 grams of fat all laws into it and mix well. Let it cool down a bit and then operate it out with one ripe banana and drizzle some honey. You can even put some dates of deadline around. How easy was that? And the taste? I'm sure you would love it. Out at number five is Basant bread toast. This create a base and bred DOZHD is tasty and easy. Simply take one gulp of ground floor. Add half a teaspoon of human seed turmeric powder, peroxide, grated ginger, coriander leaves and finally jobbed in the arts.

Add some water to make a pick bateau. Now we will add garett capsicum and tomato's combine when set aside for about ten minutes. Meanwhile, place a ban over a low flame. not bread sleighs and gently call the mixture on it. Put a teaspoon of butter on the ban and placed Umbridge slice or what? Once one side cooks a bit carefully, flip it and gomberg the side.

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After both the sides properly cook your base and bread, those would be ready. Similarly, you can make more because no one can eat just one.

It's so yummy. dried-out. Donnelle at. Bottle gourd is gourd diaper. Now, before you run away from the name of gourd, I promise that this tasty and filling right. We'll find a place in your heart to make it great. About hundred grams of longate. Now, please, a ban on high flame with little water and the bleated bottle guard and liquid boiled for about five minutes. Turn off the gas, scoop off the bottle guard and drain the excess water.

Let it all down knowbut. Meanwhile, take about 200 grams of gold. Add the boil water legarde mixture in it or some rock salt and black pepper toothpaste as a final step. Take one piece of seeds and on ATWA dreidels them for a while and then add them all.

That's it. Mix well and they are delicious. gourd right.I is ready. It's light. It's filling. It's easy and it's fast.
No. Show some love to gourd. Hope you will. The next option is sweet rice. For those times when you get sugar cravings, less delicious sweet rice recipes, the same savior place a ban on Low flam put one teaspoon of key to this. Add two crushed cardamom and one teaspoon of and fennel seeds. Now add one cup of salt. Sammy Brown rice and double the quantity of water in which they were already sold. Makes well and let it go on medium flame for about 15 minutes after about 15 minutes.

That is cooked and a sweet aroma of it's on the ban. Add one tablespoon of cow ghee and one tablespoon of jaggery. Makes well and again feels like having prasad in temple that one low dried.

This handy Swedish at number two are sweet potatoes looking for a high-protein evening snack dry.
So outperformers egg about 50 grams of large soya junk's and sold them in hot water. Add a teaspoon of rock salt can do it. Meanwhile, we will prepare the bateau big three tablespoons of gram flour with the help of little water. Make a pig bateau. Add some rocks or turmeric and get on with it. Let the batter send for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, let's get back to the soil. Junk's bringing off the excess water, then add the soil junk's and boulder batter and an equally to them all at all.

Now put a ban on high flame and mustard oil. Do it too shallow. Fry the soil for us. Once the oil heats up, turn the flame to low and slowly put in the soil junk's. Make sure that you evenly fry them on all sides, then scoop them out. Are prone to enrich these this way up. Reporters are ready. Don't worry about the hormonal issues. 50 grams of soy just won't harm you.

Now, before I reveal my topic. Here are a few honorable mentions. If possible, you can get tender coconut and high bridge water along with the Malay.

It's a filling morning snack. Then post-lunch U-Bahn even have Char's fresh foods that are always the best thing to man John.

Even if you are not working out but you have been brought in at home, you can have one scoop of it in a day. It's quite filling coming back to the number one option, which is Dolby. When you are feeling absolutely lazy.

This is a quick and filling meal option in a bowl.Put about one cup of puffed rice, one cup of dried or stripped down a handful of peanuts. Chopped onions tomato's cucumbers seasoned it with rock, salt, black pepper and chat Masala.

Add some fresh coriander leaves and sprinkle the juice from one lemon mix properly. And that's on your dollar. Bill is now ready. You can add a glass of char along with that to make this meal even more feeling. It hardly requires any effort, but still satisfies your palate and fills up your tummy. Hence it tops the list.

So friends, these were some of the quick the filling and tasty food recipes to enjoy during this lockdown. For which recipe will you like? Let me know in the comments section. I will put the link to some of our other recipe videos so that you have even more options to choose from.

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