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Spinach Pie

July 12, 2020
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Photo by Aikaterini Katapodi
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Spinach pie is often cooked in Greece at home, but you can also find small pieces of spinach pie in Cafes of Snack.

a) For Pastry
-One glass warm water
-One egg..Pls note that we always arrange quantiy in this case on our own accordingly, depending on total size of food and how many persons serves.. This spinach pie, is for medium pan for round 4-6 persons, more than one peace each

We buy frozen spinach in Supermarket, but we can also buy fresh spinach from groceries..
-Half kg or similar white cheese, feta..
-Other kind of yellow cheese (optional)
-Four fresh onions
-Olive oil, salt

Preparation a)pastry
We put above ingredients of pastry in a bowl and we mix well with hands till all flour is absorbed, and if necessary we put more flour, upon sticking we put more water. In the end we add dough bought in a small tin, for use once..from supermarket, or bakers if so
When pastry is ready we leave it in a warm place covered with woolen towl for half an hour.
In the meantime we prepare spinach as following:
-We wash spinach if it's fresh directly from groceries and cut it into smaller pieces, no detail needed; if it's bought from supermarket directly then nothing more is needed to do.
-We boil spinach in a big casserole, then when ready we add anothin and the fresh onions cut into very small pieces, then put melted white cheese feta, and as said, optionally we can put yellow grained cheese, any kind as supplement. Then we add round 5 tablespoon olive oil and salt. Our mix is ready, then we also add a raw egg and fix with a big spoon till it's entirely absorbed..
Then we take pastry, ready now and we open it with wooden roller of kitchen, making two layers one for pan, and one as cover of pie. We;d rather make flat pastry pieces with roller, by fixing thickness respectively for each case.
Then we put olive oil as base on big pan, and then we put carefully the first thinner layer of pastry. We put the whole quantity of spinach as cooked before, whole mix, and as cover of pie we put the other rolled ''sheet' of pastry on pie which is now almost ready, and all ingredients of spinach above.
-We can put some additional olive oil on top, actually surface of cover to make it a bit more delicious, but consider in this case pie will have more calories, so no need to do this, just optional.
We put into oven 200 degrees, for round one hour, we can lower temperature of stove to 170 degrees and bake more time, for whole pie to be successful, and more delicious, since it will be baked on all sides of pan, bottom and top, we can serve with cold beer when we take it out of oven and we trace with a sharp knife pie in pieces..We leave it to get a bit cold, so it can be eaten, waiting for this for almost 15-20 min..Pls note that this food is usually for winter, but it can be also made throughout whole year, any season, if we buy fresh frozen spinach in bag from supermarket, or we prefer winter to buy fresh spinach directly from groceries, being more healthy this way.
Aikaterini Katapodi

  • Prep time 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Cook time 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Serves 6
  • one packet Spinach
  • 1 pound White cheese feta
  • 1 piece egg
  • 5 tablespoons Olive oil
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