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Fish Tikka Masala

September 21, 2020
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  • Prep time 10 minutes
  • Cook time 15 minutes
  • Serves 4
Author Notes

Traditionally fish is cooked in the tandoor, an Indian clay oven, but it’s fantastic grilled, broiled or pan seared. The combination of the charred fish with Masala Mama’s luscious Tikka Masala sauce is unbeatable. I love making a kachumbar salad with it and having it with slightly burnt naan!

What You'll Need
  • For the spice blend
  • 2 teaspoons paprika (I like combining 1 tbsp of smoked paprika with 1 tbsp or regular paprika)
  • ¼ teaspoons red pepper flakes (optional, more for additional heat)
  • ¾ teaspoons salt
  • ¼ teaspoons peppercorn, crushed
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • pounds fish fillets, such as salmon, tilapia, halibut etc.
  • For the sauce:
  • 1 jar Masala Mama Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce
  • 2 tablespoons ghee, butter, or oil

  • ¼ teaspoons red pepper flakes (optional, more for additional heat)
  • 1/3 cup heavy cream or coconut milk (more for a creamier curry)
  • Cilantro, for garnish
  • Mama's Perfect Basmati Rice
  1. Mix the spice blend spices together and rub onto both sides of the fish fillet.
  2. Heat ghee/oil on a non-stick pan. Sear the fish, it should get a nice char and be cooked through. Set aside.
  3. In a large saucepan add Masala Mama Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce*, and cream/coconut milk and simmer for 5 minutes until hot. The sauce should have a nice gravy consistency, if too thick add some stock or water. Adjust salt to taste.
  4. Gently add in the charred fish. Do not stir, rather just shake the pan gently and cook for a couple of minutes till everything is nice and hot. Garnish with cilantro and serve with rice or naan. Here’s a recipe for Mama’s Perfect Basmati Rice.

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