Fragiles (Fra-jee-lays)

December 21, 2010
Fragiles (Fra-jee-lays)

Author Notes: When my second son was in junior high in the mid-80s, we moved from one Chicago suburb to another. One of his good friends was a recent transplant from Michigan, a girl named Sonya, whose mother, Myra, not only gave me baking tips, she gifted me with a subscription to a magazine for cake decorators that, sadly, is no longer published. Sonya came over once to help me do some baking, and from memory she put these cookies together. The recipe, hand-printed by her in my private recipe binder, was taught to her by her Polish grandmother. I asked her what they were called, and she said she didn't know, she just always called them "jelly cookies." Because I have four other recipes with that title, I decided to rename them "Fragiles," pronounced the way Ralphie's father does when he reads the shipping label on the box holding his beloved lamp in "A Christmas Story." If you make them any larger than bite-size, you'll know exactly why I've given them that name. These cookies have a crisp shell and sandy texture and are best eaten (or given as gifts) the day they are made. betteirene

Makes: about 48


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5 Reviews

lannetteburt July 11, 2011
There's NO RECIPE appearing on the recipe page for these cookies . . . Just the cook's comments!! Where can I find the recipe?? Has it been taken off the page intentionally??
hardlikearmour December 22, 2010
These sound delicious, like "buttah". LOVE the name.
Sagegreen December 22, 2010
What a great story behind this cookie. Fun name, too!
Sadassa_Ulna December 22, 2010
Love the story and love the name, can't wait to try these!
nannydeb December 22, 2010
The name just cracked me up!