Stuffed Peppers With Chicken & Rice

May 15, 2023
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  • Prep time 45 minutes
  • Cook time 40 minutes
  • Serves 6 whole stuffed peppers, or 12 halves
Author Notes

Warmer weather is upon us, and with it comes lighter fare with bright, fresh flavors. Dinners turn from meat stews, filling soups, and hearty pastas to vibrant veggies, green salads, and grilled chicken. For some reason, the act of stuffing a vegetable seems fancy, like an extra-special treat, even though it is so easy. In my family, stuffed peppers are the ultimate weeknight dinner and by adding Boar’s Head FireSmith™ Flame Grilled Chicken, they become a flavorful, satisfying meal that my kids enjoy just as much as I do.

This stuffing is so versatile and also a great way to use up leftover rice, veggies, and herbs. Don’t have parsley? Use dill or scallions! No zucchini? Try broccoli, cauliflower, or even beans. I like to fold a protein into the rice to make the peppers a complete meal, and sliced chicken breast is an easy way to take these peppers from a side dish to a stunning entrée. Top the peppers with Boar’s Head Vermont White Cheddar and a dollop of sour cream, and this simple weeknight meal becomes downright delicious.

A note about veggies: If the vegetables in your stuffing have a high water content (like zucchini), sautéing them helps to concentrate the flavors of your filling and keep your stuffing looking bright and beautiful, without becoming watery when broiling.Jessica Faith Meter

Test Kitchen Notes

This recipe is shared in partnership with Boar’s Head. —The Editors

What You'll Need
  • For the peppers:
  • 6 bell peppers (any color), halved and seeded
  • 6 tablespoons olive oil
  • Kosher salt, to taste
  • Black pepper, to taste
  • For the stuffing:
  • 1 cup basmati or other long-grain white rice (about 3 cups when cooked)
  • 1 medium yellow onion, finely chopped
  • 2 medium zucchini, diced (about 2 cups when cooked)
  • 12 slices (about 2 ½ cups) Boar’s Head FireSmith™ Flame Grilled Chicken Breast, small diced
  • ¼ teaspoons dried oregano
  • 2 tablespoons fresh parsley, washed and finely minced
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil, divided
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • ½ teaspoons freshly ground black pepper
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 6 slices Boar’s Head Vermont White Cheddar Cheese, small diced
  • Sour cream, to garnish
  1. Bake the peppers: Rub the outside of the peppers with 1 tablespoon olive oil each, and salt and pepper to taste.
  2. Place peppers on a parchment-lined sheet pant. Tent with foil and roast at 425°F for 25 to 40 minutes, or until tender.
  3. Make the filling: Cook the rice according to the package instructions and set aside.
  4. Season with diced zucchini with 1 teaspoon salt, then lay it on a paper towel-lined tray and allow to sit for 10 minutes. This will absorb some of the zucchini’s water and make it crispier when sautéed.
  5. For the rice seasoning, heat a small sauce pan on medium heat and add 2 tablespoons olive oil. When the oil is hot and shimmering, add the diced onion and cook over medium-low heat until the onions are softened, about 5 to 10 minutes. Do not brown the onions.
  6. Heat a sauté pan over medium high heat and add remaining 1 tablespoon olive oil. Sauté the zucchini, turning occasionally to cook evenly on all sides, about 5 to 10 minutes until golden brown. Take care not to burn them!
  7. Once the peppers are pre-baked, it is time to stuff them. In a large bowl, combine the rice, cooked onions and zucchini, oregano, and parsley with the diced chicken. Gently fold everything together and spoon the filling into the peppers, about ½ cup of filling per pepper half (or closer to ¼ cup for smaller peppers). Top with the diced Boar's Head Vermont White Cheddar Cheese. Place the peppers back on the parchment-lined baking sheet. Broil on low for 2 to 4 minutes, just to melt the cheese.
  8. Top peppers with a dollop of sour cream and serve warm.

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Mosiackat August 9, 2023
Otherwise looks like a decent recipe.