January 29, 2011
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We showed this recipe to Asya Ollis http://sadyasouthindian.com of New York few months ago and she wrote this hand written recipe for us and I took few pictures.


  • Serves 1
  • Bring the following ingredients to a boil:
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 cardamom pod,crushed gently open
  • 1 piece ginger,fresh or dry(Small piece)
  • 1/4 tsp cumin seed,crushed
  • 1/2 tsp sugar
  • once mixture boils,turn off the flame.
  • Add 1/2 tsp tea dust,strain and serve.
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Author Comment
pauljoseph February 8, 2011
Tea dusts, water, milk, sugar and heating medium.
Taste India with a Cup of Chai
Binte's K. February 8, 2011
Hi innoabrd,

I was a tea buyer and tea taster at Unilever for Lipton & Brooke Bond teas for 6 years, and i can safely say that Dust teas do not necessarily mean they are cheap teas. Dust teas from good gardens in the right season can be very very expensive, especially the ones from Sri Lanka.

Once the green leaf of teas comes out of the firing drum and turns into black tea, it passes through different mesh sizes and accordingly the tea is segregated into different sizes, smallest being dust, then your Pekoe Fannings, Fannings etc. and the list goes on.
Binte's K. February 8, 2011
so my point being, any leaf size can be cheap or expensive depending upon which month it was plucked and processed and sold in the tea auction
innoabrd February 8, 2011
But it would be fair to say that it is the lowest, and least expensive, grade of any given batch, yes? A premium wouldn't be placed on dust simply by virtue of it being dust, would it?
wssmom February 2, 2011
What lovely photos! Thanks so much for posting these!!
Author Comment
pauljoseph February 3, 2011
thank you wssmom
AntoniaJames February 2, 2011
Mmmmm, cumin! Love it. Definitely will try this. Will ask at my Indian grocer if they sell tea dust. Great photos, too!! ;o)
Author Comment
pauljoseph February 3, 2011
AntoniaJames thank you
gomez January 30, 2011
excellent will try
Author Comment
pauljoseph January 30, 2011
thank you gomez
Sagegreen January 30, 2011
This is a stunning photo sequence. But I have to ask for more details about the tea dust. That is the one part I am not sure about. Thank you for sharing this.
Author Comment
pauljoseph January 30, 2011
When fresh tea leaves are rolled and crushed as a part of the CTC(crush, tear, curl) tea making process, the by product is a strong and delicious dust tea. Assam dust teas, among the finest in the world, provide a full bodied flavor.In India Maharashtra Bombay has become the largest market for dust teas in the country.
Sagegreen you can use any unflavored black either dust or CTC
Sagegreen January 30, 2011
Thanks so much for the detail!
innoabrd February 8, 2011
dust is sort of the floor sweepings when they're done. The cheapest of the cheap, and one of the secrets to making pukka chai...
Kitchen B. January 30, 2011
PJ, Great summary in photos. I love the photo with the recipe and the teapot.
Author Comment
pauljoseph January 30, 2011
Thank you Kitchen Butterfly
hardlikearmour January 29, 2011
I've been hoping to see some recipes from for this contest!
Author Comment
pauljoseph January 30, 2011
not for contest thank you try this recipe that is more impotent for me and let me know
Sagegreen January 29, 2011
What a stunning photo of all the spices.
Author Comment
pauljoseph January 30, 2011
thank you Sagegreen