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Chicken Stock

January 31, 2011
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  • Makes 1 batch of stock
Author Notes

While making some homemade chicken stock out of leftover roast chicken bones and onion and celery scraps, I decided to throw in a few cardamom pods. This is the best chicken stock I've ever made because of those flavor packed green pods! The cardamom brings a fragrant lemony surprise to an otherwise ordinary kitchen staple. Use this as a base for a toe-tingling vegetable soup, just add your favorite vegetables and season with salt and pepper to your taste. - midnitechef —midnitechef

Test Kitchen Notes

Chicken stock always perfumes the whole house but the cardamom in this recipe added some spice to the mix. I used a whole chicken since I didn't have any roast chicken remains and added 2 shallots and 3 slices of ginger in lieu of the vegetables and garlic. The finished product also has a mildly sweet spicy taste and I'm looking forward to making vegetable congee with it tomorrow. —luvcookbooks

What You'll Need
  • 1 - 2 whole chickens, roasted, bones reserved
  • 3 cups bits of onion, celery, carrot, and garlic
  • 1 tablespoon green cardamom pods
  • 1 tablespoon whole peppercorns
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • water
  1. In a large pot, place the chicken bones, leftover vegetable pieces (these would be the ends of vegetables, save them in a plastic bag in the freezer until you accumulate enough for stock or soup), cardamom pods, salt and pepper. Cover with cold water.
  2. Bring the pot to a boil for 10 minutes. Reduce to a simmer and cover.
  3. Let the marrow flavor the broth. Be careful not to add too much salt as the water will evaporate and concentrate the salt in the stock. Simmer until the water as reduced by about 1/3 and is opaque from taking on all those flavors.
  4. Strain the stock to remove the bones, peppercorns, and cardamom pods. Return the stock to the pot. Taste for salt levels and adjust while simmering the strained stock.
  5. Remove the stock from the heat and let it cool. Divide into containers and freeze for up to 6 months. ( Hint: measure the stock into 1 or 2 cup portions and label accordingly. Freeze some of the stock in an ice cube tray then transfer to a plastic freezer bag for easy access.)

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    Ashley Marie
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16 Reviews

Ashley M. January 4, 2014
Made it, loved it so much! Will be a must going forward!
AntoniaJames March 1, 2011
Seriously considering trying this with black cardamom later this week. Stay tuned . . . . ;o)
midnitechef March 2, 2011
What's the difference in flavour between the green and black pods? I haven't seen whole black cardamom in TX.
AntoniaJames March 2, 2011
The black has a fuller, warmer flavor and is almost smoky in character. It's bewitching. ;o)
Greenstuff March 1, 2011
Last night, I was making chicken broth, and every time I walked into the kitchen I kept thinking, "It smells like I'm baking something wonderful in here. Is the oven on?" Then I remembered the cardamom pods!
midnitechef March 2, 2011
So comforting, eh?
Greenstuff February 17, 2011
Cool that tossing a little cardamom in your stock was so successful! Congrats on the EP. I make chicken stock every week or so and am definitely going to try this one.
midnitechef February 19, 2011
The longer you leave the cardamom pods in the stock, the more potent they will be. Thanks for the note :)
hardlikearmour January 31, 2011
Great idea. I bet it would make a perfect base for mulligatawny soup!
AntoniaJames January 31, 2011
I'm actually thinking about using it for a simple chicken noodle soup. I made Mr Hirschfeld's Chinese Celery Lo Mein last night (again . . . I make some variation of it at least twice a month) and have some noodles left that I didn't stir into the sauce. I was planning to make an Asian noodle soup for Mr T, but this stock has captured my imagination . . . . I'd add some bright leafy greens like kale or chard and chopped cilantro and lime juice at the end, throw a cinnamon stick in with the bay leaf, etc. I'm inspired!! ;o)
midnitechef January 31, 2011
Yes, the cardamom and curry would work well together. How do you prepare your soup?
hardlikearmour January 31, 2011
I use the Cook's Illustrated recipe.
AntoniaJames January 31, 2011
I have never put cardamom in my mulligutawny. I really like the idea of using this stock as a base for it, though. Really great recipe, midnitechef. ;o)
midnitechef February 3, 2011
@Miss AntoniaJames: I'm happy to have inspired you :) I never thought about putting an Asian twist on this, you may have plucked an idea out of my head! For more recipes, check out my blog :) & Stay warm!
AntoniaJames January 31, 2011
Wow! I'm going to try this. I make a variety of different chicken stocks (Asian, pho, light, rich), so it will be fun to have a batch of this with which to experiment. I can see using it in quite a few of the soups and dal dishes we like so much. Stay tuned . . . ;o)
midnitechef January 31, 2011
Half of my freezer is full of different stocks right now! I've been trying to find recipes to use them in, I did make some lentils using some of this stock :P Most ends up in a gravy for pork chops or chicken with mashed potatoes though!