Two-Way Chocolate Teff Pudding Pies

February 21, 2011
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I’m intrigued by the viscosity of teff. You wouldn’t think such a small, hard grain would emit so much grain-glue. And yet it does! I added some dried apricots to the pudding for some sweetness and so I could use the pectin as another natural bonding agent. I wasn’t planning on preparing the pudding two ways, but I felt like I couldn’t really congratulate myself on my innovative teff-apricot-chocolate pudding when it still looked like any other chocolate pudding.

So I popped half of the batter in the oven and was quite pleased with the results. Not unlike molten chocolate cakes, the outside turned brownie-like, while the inside remained pudding-like. And voila, a healthy, whole-grain pudding pie! —Jessica Tom

  • Makes 15 pudding pies
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