Give your eggs some TLC.

Eggs require a delicate touch—treat them gently by cooking them in a glass coddler. This Jenaer Glas dish allows your eggs to cook in a pot of boiling water, similar to poaching, to guarantee a perfectly cooked egg with a creamy white. They're available in 4 sizes, to take you from solo weekday breakfasts to hosting all-out brunches for your friends.

  • The 2.2-ounce coddler holds approximately 1 egg
  • The 4.4-ounce coddler holds approximately 2 eggs
  • The 8.4-ounce coddler holds approximately 4 eggs
  • The 16-ounce coddler holds approximately 6 eggs

Read on for more about using an egg coddler here! Size shown in our video at left is the 4.4 ounce.