This is why bitter is better.

We used to be intimidated by bitters—they seem like a bar ingredient only mixologists would use. But then we started adding them to our cocktails (and even our food). Their concentrated flavor adds nuance to drinks with minimal effort.

  • Orange & Aromatic Bitters: Is a bartender only as good as her bitters? Maybe. This set includes two essentials for any well-stocked bar: Orange and Aromatic bitters. They’ve got enough strong flavors to stand up to the biggest bourbon whiskeys, but are still delicate enough to give subtle support to a gin cocktail.
  • Summer Bitters Set: This set of bitters from Brooklyn, New York, is zippy and bright. Warm Ginger Lemon, which uses both dried and crystallized ginger, and the spicy and rich Smoked Chili bitters join the well-loved Orange for a well-rounded cocktail kit. You’re a dash away from Mint Juleps, bittered Gin & Tonics, Swizzles, and smoky Margaritas.
  • Essential Bitters Set With this set of bitters, your cocktail game just got infinitely better. Each flavors—Citrus, Orange, Chili, Ginger Lemon, and Aromatic—is made in small batches so they’re all carefully balanced in nature. No one flavor will overpower another.