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Porcelain Wind Chimes

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Porcelain Wind Chimes
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5.0 Stars
Delicate, rare sound
If you’re looking for quiet wind chimes that take quite a bit of a breeze to make noise, these are the ones for you. I was wary of getting the ones that seem to clang on all day! These chimes are beautiful and peaceful.
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Submitted on: 7/29/2020 Reviewed by: Kelsey P. Option: 8 Discs, White/Natural
3.0 Stars
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These are very attractive ‘chimes’ that do not often produce a sound. The most music came as I took them out of the box and attached them to hooks. On the very windiest day last week they finally got going, until then, and since then-nothing. I live in chicago btw. Lots of wind here. Neighbors chimes are plenty active. These may be strung too far apart or are just too heavy? I am considering taking them apart and rearranging them. They look good!
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Submitted on: 11/5/2019 Reviewed by: Vic Option: 8 Discs, White/Black

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