Loveland Acres Popcorn

Popcorn on the Cob (6-Pack)

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Loveland Acres Popcorn

Clyde, KS
In 2008, Lance & Megan Nobert made the decision to return to their roots in North Central Kansas. After 10 years of big city life, the Noberts packed up their young family and moved back to their hometown of 600 people. ​ Lance raised popcorn on his family's farm when he was a child, and decided to try planting his first popcorn crop. Loveland's Addition was added to the city of Clyde in 1900, and the Nobert's decided it was a fitting name for their new family business. It was indeed land filled with love. Then, in 2009, Loveland Acres Popcorn harvested its first ear of gourmet kernels. ​ Lance utilizes his personal experience growing up on the family farm, a college degree in Agronomy and professional experience working for the U.S. Department of Agriulture to personally plant and harvest tender, virtually hull free popcorn.
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