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Popcorn on the Cob (6-Pack)
Photography by James Ransom.

Straight from the cob.


Popcorn on the Cob (6-Pack)

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What makes this popcorn stand apart is the flavor (plus, it's more fun to pop corn that's still on the cob). The kernels of these varieties are virtually hull-less. They pack more flavor into each kernel, and pop up fluffy and crisp. This popcorn is naturally dried and not genetically modified with zero trans fat and high fiber.

Hull-less popcorn means that the outside seed coat shatters when the kernel pops, which leaves a tender flake that's easier on the teeth and gums, and gentler to digest than sharp hulls of regular popcorn.

  • Made in: Kansas
  • Made of: Popcorn
  • Size: 6 cobs (approx. 20 ounces)

Sourced from: Loveland Acres Popcorn

Popcorn is an amazing food that actually never expires! We recommend popping your kernels within 1 year of purchase for optimum freshness and pop-a-bility. Popping instructions: To pop your popcorn ON the cob, place a cob into a paper bag. Microwave for 1 ½ - 2 minutes. Times may vary.

To pop your popcorn OFF the cob, remove the kernels from the cob using your fingers. Add 1-2 TBSP of cooking oil to a heavy 3 quart pan. Heat oil over medium high heat. Add popcorn. Cover with lid and gently shake as kernels pop. When popping stops, remove pan from heat. Enjoy!

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