What your dishes have been missing.

Very good vinegar is an instantaneous way to brighten your dishes. These Spanish wine and cider vinegars are some of our favorites -- they are incredibly flavorful and intense, and also clean, light and crisp. You don't get any of that cloying or sticky aftertaste that some wine vinegars leave -- these O-Med vinegars are renowned for their soft acidity; their goal is to preserve the essence of the fruit flavor without overwhelming it with acid.

Choose from sets of the following varieties of O-Med Spanish vinegars:

  • Chardonnay Vinegar: The chardonnay is slightly sweet and the liquid has a beautiful clear, golden presentation. Use this vinegar to marinate fish or on seafood crudo -- it's also fantastic for pickling and on vegetables and salads.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar: This cabernet sauvignon vinegar has an intense deep purple color. The acidity is smooth with a well-rounded fruity flavor and hints of fine oak. Use this vinegar on meat carpaccio or reductions; it also adds great depth of flavor to red wine braises.

  • Cider Vinegar: Made from the juice squeezed from perfectly ripe apples, O-Med apple cider vinegar combines the best of the aroma of freshly cut apples with the tartness of a northern Spanish cider. The acidity is smoother than wine based vinegars with well-balanced sweet notes. Use it for marinades, sauces, and pickling (it really elevates garden vegetable pickles). It pairs especially well with pork and winter vegetable dishes.

  • Rosé Vinegar: O-Med sources white wine grape varieties and blends with the Spanish red grape Trepat to produce an outstanding rosé vinegar. This delicate blend of flavors creates a vinegar that is smooth and fresh, with bittersweet undertones and hints of red berries. O-Med rosé vinegar is the perfect ingredient for savory dishes and salads with cheese. Think asparagus, leeks, mushrooms and ripe tomatoes with blue cheese or chevre.