Make your home brew even more exclusive.

Excellent kombucha can be made better with post-fermentation flavoring -- but can be improved upon immensely through the simple use of fine teas in primary fermentation. This premium tea sampler is your introduction to brewing with fine loose-leaf teas, where there's no need to add fruits, herbs, and more to your brew.

Allow the kombucha fermentation process to break down and expose the complexity and nuance of excellent teas, and you might never look back. Your SCOBY will help you illuminate an uncharted territory of flavors. So, dive in head-first and find what you've been waiting for in one each of 3 distinct styles of tea. You'll receive one each (12 grams) of white, green, and black teas -- each one chosen to inspire.

House Green Tea: A lightly astringent, but full mouthfeel alludes to this tea’s delightful minerality. Soon come washes of sweet green vegetables -- clean, crisp and highly satisfying kombucha. Drink this one all day long, sip with your eyes closed, and cherish the escape!

House Black Tea: A full-bodied tea that leaves primary fermentation with tobacco, leather and whiskey on the palate. Perfect for the cold months or an evening cup.

House White Tea: This medium-bodied tea is a brilliant example of a white, which shares flavors of both green and black styles. The flavor of melon is especially evident at the start, with a malty finish revealing the further oxidation of a green tea.