Go with the grain.

One of our editors swears by her mother's homemade bread: a light sandwich bread made heartier and more flavorful with this Ancient Grains blend. Once we baked with it, we understood why -- both of these blends add a nice dose of fiber and protein, and a depth of flavor that that standard white bread flour doesn't impart.

Ancient Grains Blend: This milled blend of 30% each amaranth, millet, and sorghum flours, plus 10% quinoa flour, is 100% whole grain, with all the bran and germ. It adds protein and amino acids, along with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, to bread, muffins, cookies, and more. Because it is milled, you can use them as you would an all-purpose flour. Keep it mind that it is more dense, so we recommend starting by substituting for just a small amount of AP flour in a recipe.

Harvest Grains Blend: A perennial King Arthur Flour flavor, this mixture of seeds and grains (both whole and flaked) makes an excellent addition to pancakes, quick breads , and crackers. It's got whole oat berries, millet, rye flakes and wheat flakes to enhance texture and flax, poppy, sesame, and sunflower seeds for crunch and a nutty flavor. Just add 1/3 to 2/3 cup to your favorite recipe -- the bag has enough for about 9 loaves of bread.