Don't be bitter.

Here's a gift that will thrill any home bar enthusiast: Cecil & Merl bitters are produced by hand in small batches using only raw, natural ingredients and were created in collaboration with acclaimed, Brooklyn-based mixologist Justin Lane Briggs and restaurateur Deborah Williamson.

The cherry bitters have a delicate balance of bright, sour cherry notes, soft vanilla tones and a pleasantly bitter finish. They can be used alongside almost any spirit, including blended scotch, bourbon, aged tequila and aged rum.

The apricot bitters are mellow and round up front with bold, sun-ripened apricot tones, a hint of cinnamon and rosemary warmth, and a clean, bitter finish. The flavor works well with aged rum, gin, and genever, and especially bourbon.

The cucumber bitters have a recognizable crisp note of cucumber that tastes delicious with celery cocktails and fresh summer tequila- or gin-based drinks.