When it comes to steak, we only want the best.

We're quite passionate about how we cook steak, so naturally we were very selective about choosing steak knives for our shop. We've tried dozens of designs, and these sleek R. Murphy premium steak knives excel in looks, comfort, and utility.

Each knife features a hand-polished, comfortable-to-grasp handle carved from reclaimed pecan wood and a high carbon stainless steel, hand-ground, razor-sharp blade. The blade is cryogenically hardened (a process where steel is cooled to around -185 degrees F) -- this profoundly increases the strength and hardness in the knives.

Boston Handyworks -- a social enterprise whose mission is to empower and employ the homeless -- created an original handmade wooden box (with a magnetic closure!) to complete the set. In design and make, this is a knife worthy of the finest cuts.