Smoke & Kale Sauerkraut

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Olympia, WA
Olykraut Sauerkraut is a small artisan company, rooted in Olympia, WA since 2008. Each batch of organic raw sauerkraut is made by hand and naturally fermented. Carefully selecting only pristine ingredients that are sourced from as close to home as possible, Olykraut takes pride in staying connected to the local community. Now carried by over 60 stores throughout Washington State and Portland, Oregon, Olykraut is fast becoming a Northwest favorite. With the popularity of eating trends that embrace paleo, vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free diets, Olykraut is a part of the new mainstay. Fermented foods are known to improve the health of the gut and can greatly aid in digestion, helping both the immune system and mental state.
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