North Africa, by way of the Mediterranean.

Think of these ingredients as the Tunisian equivalent of tomato sauce and pasta: They’re excellent together, but also bold, hard-working additions to your arsenal of pantry staples.

M'Hamsa Hand-Rolled Couscous: This whole wheat couscous is toasty in flavor, which makes sense: It’s made using traditional Berber methods that involves drying in the sun. Its distinct nuttiness lends itself to North African and Mediterranean stews, meats, and fish. And the added flavor luckily doesn’t mean added work: Any couscous recipe and method you like will work.

Teboursouk Sauce: Organic capers, preserved lemon, and green olives -- ingredients beloved in the Teboursouk region of Tunisia—stew together in this tomato sauce that’s as fitting over pasta as it is couscous.

Tebourba Sauce: This tomato-based sauce has a trifecta of bold ingredients: organic artichokes, black olives, and harissa. It’s comforting and a little spicy and superb over couscous or pasta.