Catch up -- there’s more than one ketchup out there nowadays.

We couldn’t decide which of Red Duck Ketchup’s flavors was our favorite, so we bundled all three! Each uniquely flavored, all delicious.

Classic Ketchup: Think about the heirloom tomato salads we enjoy every summer: balsamic, tomatoes, and the smoke of the grill in the background. Now imagine all those flavors, bottled up, and you have this ketchup. The hint of balsamic and smokiness is perfect on french fries, burgers, hot dogs, and meat loaf.

Curry Ketchup: This ketchup has has all the warmth, boldness, and spice that we love in Indian food; put it on fish, stir-fry, roasted vegetables, or even mix it with plain rice.

Spicy Ketchup: This ketchup, with a peppery kick and a smooth finish, has become Red Duck’s most popular flavor. And for good reason: The Latin spices make it taste like a cross between hot sauce and ketchup, which sounds just about perfect on sweet potato fries, fried chicken, veggie burgers, and even drizzled on cheese pizza. But don't just take our word for it -- have at it yourself.