So fresh, so green.

All of the seeds in this collection have been in production for over 75 years. By growing one of the lettuces and chicories in these packets, you’re participating in a history that goes back more than 250 years to the Quai de la Mégisserie in Paris, where Vilmorin has had a seed shop since the 18th century. Legacy aside, once your seeds have sprouted you’ll have robust frisée, bitter radicchio and escarole, and delicate baby lettuce that will add nuance to your cooking. We like to stick them in our salads and sandwiches, of course, but also take the heartier ones to the grill. Each of the 2 large packets contains 6 individual packets with 1 gram each of a chicory or lettuce variety (see details below).

  • Set includes: 2 large packets, each with 6 individual packets with 1 gram of each of the chicory and lettuce varieties below. There's enough to plant a 50' row (or multiple seedings of shorter rows) of each seed variety. Complete planting and blanching instructions are also included.

  • French Lettuce varieties included: Reine des Glaces (deeply cut, lacy leaves with spiky edges), Rouge Grenobloise (a large head, heavily brushed with varying shades of magenta and pale-green inner leaves that are somewhat crisp), Merveille de Quatre Saisons (classic, larger butterhead type, with soft delicate leaves that are blushed dark magenta along the tops and pale green at the base), Reine de Mai (butterhead lettuce with a lovely little pale creamy-green head, sometimes tinged with just a bit of rose), Rougette de Montpellier (a butterhead type with a small, almost round head with typically dark maroon leaves and green at the base), and Romaine Rouge d’Hiver (a romaine with smoother, more delicate leaves than most romaines).

  • Chicory varieties included: Scarole Cornet de Bordeaux (an upright escarole with tightly-wrapped leaves), Scarole Pain de Sucre (upright escarole that grows up to 18” or more), Scarole Blonde à Coeur Plein (flat, spreading escarole), Frisée Très Fine Maraichère (very fine, feathered leaves), Frisée Ruffec (a very sturdy frisée), and Chicorée Sauvage de Verone (a classic radicchio).